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Tarzaan Is The Man!


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A guy I know from Clare County Compasion CLub has a squirrely CG, no meds and along with that MS,2 hernias and esophigeal cancer...TARZAN was willing to go WAAAAYYY out of his way to bring this man FREE meds dang near a half oz worth..He also helped another PT I know secure affordable meds for themselves. White Rhino helped my friend Howard (as found on the Clare County CC website listed in my siggy) so well that he was past the back end of my van before he realized he was walking without the cane he is so used to relying on!!!! TARZAAN DERSERVES ANY GOOD HELP AND GOOD THINGS THAT COME HIS WAY!!!!! Plus the poor dude got harrassed by the rediculous amount of State Plice that were in the area for his effort! Thank goodness nothing came of it but he did have me crapping my pants when he called me to tell me!!! I felt so bad....



Thank you Tarzaan for what you are doing to help people and if there is anything I can help you with you get ahold of me!!! We will be in touch for sure real soon! Everyone Pos rep him that reads this please he truly does deserve it....

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He will try the free leonard Dr. Tarzan.. Right from the clone that you gave to me for free.. (((((DR.Tarzan)))) You are very kind sir..



I knew you'd give her a Good Home ....


I just hopes she treats you as well as she has treated me ?

I've never had a Complaint ...


Good to see yah still Kickin '


Hope to see yah again ....




Here is a Rose to Brighten Your Day

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