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Story Getting Out Associated Press

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Thanks it was a good read for sure i hope you are holding up and your girl too tell ED i said Hi! and if you need me for any thing PM me are case is moving slowly the wheels of Justice moves i will post the courts opinion as soon as it come down and will post it on every web site i visit





Peace from the front

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the only thing that they miss quoted was the woman that just passed away was bed ridden for four months when she started using the Simpson oil not four weeks

They should correct that misquote. I'm so sorry for her passing. There's so much more I could say, all I can do is shake my head, cry, and pray for an end to this senseless war.



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I am so proud of our community. We showed no fear in obviously hostile territory. We stared the devil in the eye and he blinked. It was a victory on a national scale for MMJ. When the Sheriff pulled up to the light, it was amazing how our folks confronted him. I've seen at least 5 videos from different angles and did not hear one threat uttered or even an obscenity. The Sheriff showed his true colors when he lied to the press to try to paint sick folks in a negative light. I think one of the happiest moments was when Santa's Helper out ran the Meter Man and kept him from leaving tickets. The Meter Man threatened to call the sheriff. The Sheriff declined to take action. I believe in Santa. I don't believe in the Sheriff.

the day was wonderfull. wish someone got video of santa and ticket leaver. wow.

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Guest Medicinal Patient

Thanks for continuing to get this story out John. Great read. Bless all the drs willing to write recs for the children who suffer from a variety of ailments. So sorry you lost a patient and friend. Any updates on baby girl and if she got enough donations at the last rally to continue her treatments? Hang in there John. Bless you and yours. Peace

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I didnt hear anyone yelling at the crowd "potheads" or druggies" did i miss that part?

I didnt hear anyone shouting druggie or anythink like that. I did get filped a few birds and I had oldman with no teeth tell me to shut up. LOL

But in all we had plenty of horn honkin support! :thumbsu:<_<

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