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True Story Of 2 Medical Marijuana Patiens

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very interesting you don't hear much about the government growing medical marijuana? Do you know if they are still doing this?


Yup, free Buds sent to their door by the same United States Federal Government that is raiding caregivers and saying there is no medical benifit to Marijuana... sends out tins stuffed full to the remaining patients on the program... they will get it for the rest of their lives.



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Lovin' Sir Graves there - so - can we get this into media hands?


I would love the chance to appear on any program with these uninformed talking heads... If you have any info of ANYONE disrespecting the Cannabis plant... I don't care if it is the Pope, the Pres, or anyone... I'll "video slap" him up one side and down the other.


These videos will eventually get play... we need to click on the "thumbs up" tab (on youtube), favorite these videos, etc...


The more recommendations they get, the more they show up in the search engine (so I am told) thus increasing their exposure to the masses.


The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand....


I am the committe man of Cannabis and anyone who uses it.



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