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Remember this statement - LUMENS ARE FOR HUMANS. Literally... The Lumen ratings on bulbs are a measurement of the VISIBLE light that HUMANS can see. That's all Lumens are. It holds NO relavence to plant life at all.


Honestly, you want BOTH throughout the whole grow. I wouldn't settle for anything less than FULL SPECTRUM lighting throughout the ENTIRE grow.


HPS lacks the light that MH puts out and MH lacks the light that HPS puts out.


Plants use BOTH through the whole growth process. The light that the Sun puts out NEVER changes. The AMOUNT that hits the surface of the earth varies, causing the seasonal changes. Plants are photo-sensitive, when the amount of light changes they switch thier metabolism and kick it into high gear for flower production.


There is never a spectral change when the plants begin to flower. The spectrum that hits the surface of the earth, even during winter months, is the exact same spectrum that hits it during the summer. The only difference is, again, how much light hits it.


Now to answer your question, "is there a major difference in quality or yeild between flowering with mh lights vs. flowering with hps lights?"


Yes. There are some quite obvious differences and some not so obvious differences. It has been shown in multiple scientific studies that chlorophyll respond and grow differently to each spectrum when those spectrums are segregated.


What has held true through these studies is that a spectrum that is more blue and lacking the red/yellow spectral output will promote shorter chlorophyll cellular growth. This tends to produce shorter plant structure. Not necessarily more bushier plant developement but just a shorter overall structure. What has also been noteable with Cannabis specifically is that with a lack of the other end of the spectrum, while it produces a shorter plant structure, the flower production tends to become more sparse without the photo energy of the yellow/red and far red spectrum. What's strange though is that individual flowers are usually larger than that of those grown in the absence of the blue spectrum...


Adversely, in the absence of the green/blue and far blue spectrum, chlorophyll have shown to grow a more elongated cellular structure. This has shown to have the tendancy to produce a taller, more elongated plant structure. Flower production in the absence of the blue spectrum tends to become more close together overall but the size of individual flowers are significantly reduced...


My recommendation is to either invest in a high quality MH bulb for now and then when you get the opportunity hook it up with a nice HPS setup and run them together. Or just get yourself an HPS system and run the standard MH and HPS together... I don't recommend running HPS by itsself or standard MH bulbs by themselves.


A company called SunPulse makes one HELL of a FULL SPECTRUM bulb that's worth looking into if you like MH lighting. It's called a Pulse Start Metal Halide. It's very different from standard Metal Halides.


Check this out - http://michiganmedicalmarijuana.org/topic/19697-thc-farmers-secret-1/

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thanks Ill add the other bulb next time. I swear I feel like Im runnin on a treadmill tryin to get set up, I think I have what I need then I hear about something I should have done instead, dont get me wrong you guys have helped me tremendously!!!! Its just taken a little longer to get goin than I thought. I think anyone who complaints about the hi price of good meds will never know how much work is actually involved in not only set up but also maintenence. I gotta be almost there. Thanks for the help.

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