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I have been here a couple of days now, made a few posts but never made an introduction thread for myself to say hello!




I was very happy to find this website on Google.. The "activation" email never made it to my inbox until the 3rd "resend validation" try.. I tried my email address for my website but that didn't work so luckily the admins have it set here where you can still log on without validation but you can not make a post.. I changed my email address to a yahoo one that I carry and tried to resend validation to it. Still nothing, so I waited till the next day and tried to resend it again and it went through this time! Been posting since!


I don't mind talking about my condition that qualifies me for medical marijuana.. I have been working hard since the age of 12 when I shoveled dirt ALL day long at a golf course. Moved up from that into the trash industry where I found myself tweaking my back a few times. I used to drive a "one-man" truck where I would stand to drive on the right side of the vehicle with the bucket mounted in front of me.. Not only was this work hell on my back, but my right ankle as well.. I took a voluntary layoff one winter there to give my body a rest and ended up going to another garbage company where I ended up missing so much time due to my back that they terminated my employment.. All those years of picking up heavy stuff, jumping off the slides as a kid at the park, and all of the other crazy stuff I have done throughout my life now has me in pain ALL day, EVERYday!

I have been on norco 10/325 for quite some time now (over a year and a half). They are the exact same as vicodin but with 1/3 of the acetaminophen so they do not kill your liver as fast as the white ones do.. Right now I am prescribed 3 a day of the 10mg which is equivalent to a "vicodin 1000".. When I first started taking these I was literally "floating" around work so high it was rediculous and the pain was tolerable but not gone completely.. Here I am about 3 years later and I can feel the dependency that my body has for these. I WANT OFF THEM! But I can't because of the pain level.


For years I kept working in pain, coming home just to lay down and pretty much scream from the pain.. Finally after realizing the chiropractor was not helping, I got myself scheduled for a MRI. Results show several bulging discs and degenerative disc disease as well as arthritis.. I knew my back was bad, but this news was worse than I expected. The condition is irreversible! The only 2 options are #1 Surgery - which you get a 50/50 chance that it will help at all which leaves a 50/50 chance it will not help at all or make it worse! Option #2 is pain management. I have been through the physical therapy, and the spinal injections. The first spinal injection helped for about an hour or two - the 2nd injection did not help at all - the 3rd made it feel worse!

So of course I am STILL on the norcos at this point!


My paperwork was mailed out recently and with delivery confirmation I see that it has already arrived at the destination! Now my wait for them to cash the check comes before I wait the 21 days.


Long story short, I can't wait to get off these f-n pills! I feel nauseous ALL day, everyday and not to mention my patience has gone downhill too.. I have some sort of itch at all times throughout the day - sometimes my ear, sometimes my hands and feet.. The biggest thing I am excited about is getting off the dependency of these norcos!


Anyways, some of my friends call me Stoned, Stoner, Stony, or just Tony.. Nick-names come from my website called StonedPlanet.com

It is a urban exploration website where I store some of my photos and videos of places I visit around Michigan - mostly detroit..

Feel free to check it out - http://www.stonedplanet.com


Anyways, thanks for having this forum around for us all! I look forward to making some new friends and getting to know some people here.



That photo is from one of the Brewster Project towers.. Enough rambling...

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I have been working hard since the age of 12 when I shoveled dirt ALL day long at a golf course.


i used to install those sloppy azz "golf-heads"


crazy oceanlike sprinklers :)


powerful though.


spent many many many many many hours on courses watching folks just like you bust your balls all day humping dirt and raking bunkers/traps


while i played in the water :)

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hello Stoner:


Glad to see you here!! Hope you find the site useful as I have used it as a good source of info and direction.


Hope you can get off of the pills and control your pain somehow, hopefully Marj. will help you control the pain.


Welcome here! :goodjob:

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