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Patient Leaving Michigan

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I'm thinking this is what Michigan wants all of us cannabis patients and caregivers to do...leave!


I have an acquaintance who is a patient along with his wife his CG and two children are moving out of Michigan. Its not the economy both have jobs, its the aura of fear that the state has allowed LEO to instill.


They stopped going to CC meetings and no longer associate with anyone (including me) who is involved with MM and MM activism. I can't blame him to be honest, there are days that even I feel a little apprehensive about picking up medication and driving home with it.


He never had more than the law required and they even stopped growing at their home in case so it couldn't be seized but now with peoples property being seized anyway; "its not worth the stress" 'Albert' said, "I've already got a job and place for us to stay and where I'm going nothing like whats happening here is happening there"


Nice going Michigan! This guy and his family have never done a freaking thing wrong his entire life and because he chose to use an alternative medicine that is legal you allow illegal police raids and fear to be used on your citizens and drive them out.

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Oh man, that really sucks. I wish the family the best of luck at their new home, hope everything turns out alright :/


It's ridiculous the way this state treats patients who are just trying to live their lives and deal with their medical issues in a LEGAL WAY. There are so many people who turn to other illegal methods to self-medicate, LEO need to leave the legal MM patients alone!

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Change takes time and some of us have little of it. California has had laws in place for over a decade and they still experience the same crap we do today. Raids, police abuse, property taken away ect...

Oh God! theres a Marijuana garden in the closet and a deer rifle under the bed! He has firearms and dope in the same house at the same time! He must be a Pot crazy gun toteing killer! :devil: Hide your children from the bad bad weed man! He might smile at them and say have a nice day!


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If you follow California News, it is just as bad there. Some counties are OK, except for the DEA. There has been five shooting in drug raids in cali in recent news. And there is news daily about raids. In Michigan there is 23,035 current patients plus all the apps dating back to May that have not been processed. So there could be nearly 38,000 legal growers in Michigan. There has been very few raids. Even one raid is too many, but it is like winning the bad lottery. It is not the good will of the police but in part is just because the police can not detect the grows. Even illegal grows are not raided very often.


That being said, we need to stop the drug war. It is a tool of oppression and used to deceive the good people. By the governments own records the current raid tactics are used to intimidate and cause fear in the people. No one is safe while the drug was is going on. The police act on false tips and raid wrong addresses. Corrupt forces get caught planting evidence and fabricating warrants to seize houses. Just as we need to take the carrot away from street criminals, we have to stop rewarding police forces for over the top tactics that harm the population and rule of law.

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What a freaking shame! We had a family friend move his wife and kids out of Michigan after the last set of raids,they moved to New Mexico.


'Sharon' is a nurse and 'Theo' is a diesel mechanic so jobs are not a problem. Problem is Michigan allowing para-military groups acting in the guise as law enforcement to terrorize its citizenry in the name of law enforcement.

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I haven't felt this close to possibly needing to use lethal force to protect my home from an outside entity since September 11, 2001.


With the ruling handed down against Bob and Torey personally its an affront to us all and a slap in the face to our founding fathers and every service member who has paid the ultimate price for our country.


We have law enforcement agencies running wild and nothing is being done about it. I fear the police and that is something I thought I would ever say. But its true and I think we all have reason to fear them just a little more.


And if that doesn't tinkle you off like it has me then stay out of our way. Our community is starting a movement that will make the tea party look like a tupper ware convention.


All of us need to right letters to our employees in Lansing and DC and tell them whats going on and express how we feel in and intelligent mature manner. Please no name calling or threats and if you quote a study please back it up with links so they can be checked.


A hand written letter is best, I was told emails rarely get read if they're to long.


Sisters and Brothers we have lots of work to do! They are coming after us and they mean business, we must also mean business.


Talk with family and friends and educate them on what the police and courts are doing to sick people. Find out (if they'll talk) or tell them about the candidates we are supporting and not just because the candidate supports MM.


Talk about how Michigan with its money problems really can't afford the cost of multiple trials and appeals and monetary judgments that are sure to come down.


Our about the intrusion of the government into private lives of Americans and their most private matter, their medical history. That's between the patient and whom ever they chose to allow to view it, not some cop during a raid.


Tell them they could be next even if they don't have anything to do with drugs. Maybe the cops don't like the way you have your furniture arranged.


Or,they tell you its OK to have grow Kentucky Blue Grass but nine months later come back, kick in your door, throw you, your wife and kids on the floor point guns at them. Break all you own, steal any money they find, take your house and your car. Because the Kentucky Blue Grass came from Box Store A not Box Store B.


Ask them; "Is that exaggerating?" Not at all its whats going on in our state at this time.


The police are interpreting a law not enforcing it. Prosecutors are doing the same.


We have a fight on our hands and they started it.


They call sick people the most vile stereotyped names you can think of. We are nothing but "pot heads" and "dopers"! flower YOU!!!


You think I'm faking!? Or my niece who died from breast cancer who couldn't eat because of chemo until her husband got her some cannabis.


One week, I want each and everyone of them to suffer the chronic pain or vomit continuously for hours from chemo.


Then call us fakers.




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