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Planet Greentrees Tonight -A Very Special Tuesday Edition: Dedicated To Sal Agro

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Many in the community are still trying to make sense of the recent raids in Ferndale, Waterford and across the state. Shortly after the Ferndale raid, one of the individuals arrested – patient and caregiver Sal Agro – passed away. A father, husband, son and coach, his untimely death does more than merely put a face on who the medical marihuana community is.


His story serves as a reminder that dialogue, understanding and education are vital to ensuring the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act does what it was intended to do: ensure that sick individuals have safe, reliable, affordable access to their medication. It was NOT enacted, so that such persons would be subjected to raids and the confiscation of personal property and medication. To date, law enforcement has been unwilling to work with the community; to talk to its members and understand what is really going on. That needs to change.


Sal Agro was one of us. A father, husband, son and coach. As a patient and caregiver, he did nothing more than make a decision to legally utilize marijuana to treat his medical condition and help others who sought to do the same.

He touched many lives and will be missed.


Tonight’s show is dedicated to Sal Agro and the medical marijuana community on the eve of Wednesday morning’s rally outside the Oakland County Circuit Court in Pontiac, Michigan.


Please join us tonight at 800 for an important discussion on a very special edition of “Planet Greentrees.” Then, join us at Wednesday’s 11:00 a.m. to ensure the voice of the medical marijuana community continues to be heard.


In the studio tonight


Special Call in from Joe Cain (the Protest Organizer)

Birmingham Compassion

Peanut Butter



To all those that are going to be at the rally we encourage you to call in and help get our message clear. We are hoping and anticipating a large turnout, with media coverage. We all have an opportunity tomorrow to make a difference in the formation of public opinion. We have the opportunity to make others understand what patients and caregivers have had to endure since the enactment this initiative almost 2 years ago. It is imperative that our message be unified and that we have a successful protest.


Please call in and have your voice heard and add to the marketplace of ideas for an intelligent discussion. Help our community have a successful protest tomorrow by sharing your thoughts and having your voice heard, and let’s talk about everything that is medical marihuana.



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"Unknown Brother"


Though I never met you

And we spoke not a word

I'll never forget you

Through stories that I've heard

For you unknown brother

My baby's mother is pained

Cause your soul is in heaven

But your memory remains


Unknown, unknown brother

I'll meet you someday

Unknown, unknown brother

We'll walk through fields where children play


Your eyes shined bright

When you were a kid

Your sisters loved you

And all that you did

Big brother, big brother

Don't worry a bit

Your flame has not faded

Since the day it was lit


Your life

Was joy

Your mama's

Only boy

And when the skies

Are blue

Big brother

They're blue for you


We'll smile like pictures

Of you as a boy

Long before you retired

To heavenly joy


Unknown, unknown brother

I'll meet you someday

Unknown, unknown brother

We'll walk through fields where children play




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Live Every Wednesday 8-9:30 p.m.


w/ Attorney Michael Komorn


The most relevant radio talk show for the Michigan Medical Marijuana Community. PERIOD.


If you have a medical marihuana question or comment, please email them to me, or leave them on the forum for the MMMA, and I will try to answer them live on the air.



PLANET GREENTREES Call-in Number: (347) 326-9626

Call-in Number: (347) 326-9626

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Nice poem, haven't seen the vid yet, missed the program, wasn't on all day or yesterday. I wish you all the best at the protest, if I were there I'd wanna hear everyone chanting "WE ARE NOT CRIMINALS!" and KEEP CHANTING for the whole time, I think that's the most important message or at least one of the most important. My heart grieves for Sal, and all who've died in this war, I mourn for the families, too, and for all those who live on who were raided but still live in fear even after many years have passed; that fear does not die. Many who want to apply will not because of fear, I pray for them, too. Living in fear is hell. I pray we should all live to see the day no one has to live in such fear under such tyranny. This is a health issue, and a human rights issue, NOT A CRIMINAL issue, the sooner certain people realize that, the better we all will be.


Sincerely, Sb

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How many times must good men die How many tears will the children cry

'Till we suffer no more sadness Stop the madness Oh, stop the madness


If ashes are ashes and dust is dust At our journey's end, then return we must To the sands of the shore

White doves in flight Peace to all But tell me why the peacemakers fall


Must we bury anymore?



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