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Roadside Drug Testing?

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# Saliva drug testing method is not approved by SAMHSA for use with DOT or Federal Mandated Drug Testing.

# Care needs to be taken while handling it, as it might contain pathogenic micro-organisms.

# The biggest disadvantage of saliva drug testing is its short drug detection time limitation.

# Saliva drug testing is reliable for the detection of Methamphetamine and Opiates, but comparatively less sensitive to THC and Cannabinoids.

Some medicines such as Ibuprofen, Motrin, Advil can give false positive drug tests.

# Saliva drug testing does not follow any nationally accepted standards or cutoff concentration for detection. Therefore, the results mainly depend on a particular product purchased. Hence, the result is less reliable and most of the times not accepted in legal proceedings.

# One can easily pass the saliva drug test by various ways.


I am sure the average road officer would be happy to do this.

The bill is useless as it does not establish any thresholds such as with alcohol



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Morning Headlines:


Michigan may be 1st to adopt roadside drug testing


Read more: Michigan may be 1st to adopt roadside drug testing | freep.com | Detroit Free Press http://www.freep.com/article/20100909/NEWS06/9090347/Michigan-may-be-1st-to-adopt-roadside-drug-testing#ixzz0z2DpF4Zh'>http://www.freep.com/article/20100909/NEWS06/9090347/Michigan-may-be-1st-to-adopt-roadside-drug-testing#ixzz0z2DpF4Zh




I'll have to do a quick check on the legislation ... AFTER I have a cup of coffee!



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If the test just detects metabolites it is useless as Supreme Court ruled they can not be used as proof of driving under influence of MJ, no?


Also, seems this guy is the same Ahole who started a bill to outlaw compassion clubs.


I cant wait till some "Dexter" serial killer visits all the people trying to take away our rights, because they grew up when pot was the devil. Why would someone want to waste there time trying to pass laws to ban compassion clubs and co-ops. It is so sad how some people spend there lives trying to control other people. "cough" "ahem" "cough" the govern "cough" ment

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