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When Is My Caregiver Legal?


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Hey everyone i just got my doctor certification yesterday and im sending my paperwork out to the state this weekend. It is my understanding that they are about 4 months behind in issuing cards but i will be legal 20 days after they get my money and application and my a copy of my application would serve as a temporary card. Is this also true for my caregiver? will my caregiver be legit to grow without a registry card as long as they have a copy of my app and physician certification (after the 20 days) ?

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I would say he is legal to grow for you 20 days after check cashed with paper work, But that dont mean if he gets popped that they wont destroy the crop and take all equipment. make him or her do the court thing to prove they are legal!


Thats what sucks about the hole thing. Now if you find a c.g who already has patients and has his grow in order, their should be no prob taking care of you with his other grow, and when you have plastic feel safer!!!!


unfortunatly they may get you any how! lol,,,,,you get off of the charges as long as you are not way over your legal possesion amount. seeds, stems, and so called plant waiste is not to be counted,,LMFAO


bottom line loose lips sink ships, no one should know your biz, and maybe you will be ok!





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Ok let me give a little more detail....I live in an apartment with my girlfriend and her friend me an my girl live in the loft which is neither locked nor enclosed. The only room with a lock is the roomates bedroom so im gonna grow in there. But the law specifically says i can be the only one with access to the plants so i decided to make my girls roomate my caregiver that way she is the only one with access and everything is legally legit. so i am my caregivers first and only patient, would my application serve as a registry card for her after the 20 days or does she have to wait to get plastic. Obviously we are going to be very discreet either way but just wondering.

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