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Patients Beware!

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I just want to warn patients about a young man that will build a room, tweak it, get you clones, and show you how to grow a perpetual garden. Sounds like a very nice person, which he is, but it's his tactics on unskilled patients that grow for themselves.


I had a problem with my basement grow room getting too hot, which we've all experienced this summer. I was very ill, and my ladies were in the 4th week of flowering, so I panicked and called "Bevin" (not real name, but really Kevin) He is from the Telegraph Rd and 6 mile area. And he came over with a young lady, and started to proceed with my evaluation (acc. to him). So I ended up needing a parabolic reflector, another fan for intake, ducting up the ying yang, and mind you, my room is only 7' x 7' x 8'.

I then spoke with a real careing caregiver that I had met before, but lost his number, then found it again. He told me that the parabolic creates more heat and I switched it back out to my air cooled hood and vented it. Now much better, and will get better as I learned due to the summer and I had the lights on during the day.... :thumbsd:

That "Bevin" even charged me $100, and had me go purchase everything, and I was really sick too folks...He even said he would sell me apollo clones for $20. So at least I asked what kind of dirt he uses. He replied "Happy Frog FF and I recyle it too". Come to find out he puts his used soil on a tarpolin outside and re-uses it!

So I never heard from him again......he also told me that alot of people know him, I actually wish I never met him.


I know this other guy after finally finding his number, and he is will ing to not only give me clones at a very low cost, but help with my garden - for no charge. See the young man never new I just became unemployed, now the new market may reflect on me now.....But at least, I have a heart and a concious. :notfair:

But just be careful of some of these people. :notfair:

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Thanks guys, I could never do to a person, what this guy did to me. But it is a young guy with a tatoo of Jesus on his right lower leg. I appreciate the heart of "real" people, and it makes me so angry that this guy represents the future of this movement? :growl:

He said he learned from his parents in Redford.......I really would like to exploit this SOB! Because he really is in it for the $, and does not have a clue about real brotherhood...And you guys do, again from the bottom of my heart, Thanks.

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Guest Medicinal Patient

Thanks for sharing your story. Its unfortunate these grubby lil money hungry selfish pricks are out there taking advantage of sick people. Not proud to say I know a few. The trashiness is appalling to say the least. Hope you get to feelin better. I remember you when you were feeling better and able to participate more on the old forum and frequently discussing MMA. Love it!! Next Sat night is the next one. I have a link to a free stream if interested. :thumbsu:

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