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Mocc Roseville Today! Live Demo

Skolar Steve

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Public Roseville meeting

Where: Knights of Columbus Hall

When: Wed, October 20, 7pm – 9pm

Address: 12 mile & Groesbeck area K of C Hall 16831 E. 12 mile Roseville, MI 48066

We hold meetings here in Roseville every third Wednesday of each month, for miore info about medical marijuana and more please visit us atwww.THC4U.com



We will be doing a live demo at the meeting and we will be covering extracts, dangers, safety, how to, and more. If you have never seen or have always wondered and wanted to see how to make different extracts come on out, also we do honor ALL other Compassion Club Member Cards, we want to keep the community together as a whole and not divided. So if you have say a member card from the Brighton Compassion Club, well we now consider you a part of our membership if you come out and want to be a part.





Have a Great Day Folks and remember,



Is it right for the patients, is it right for the community, then its right for us.

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I will be there tonight - Another member and I will talk about LST - Low Stress Training of plants.


It is a public meeting - while we will have marijuana for demo purposes, it is just for demo purposes. This is not a private cardholder meeting!


Patients will be here looking for caregivers. Again, this is a public meeting.


We kindly ask for a $3 door fee for the use of the Hall.


And did I say I would be there?! :sword:



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Excellent meeting of caregivers & patients-- MOCC--:goodjob:


Good minds/speakers/organizers here who can articulate thoughts well... Very informative and I really enjoyed the experience... I would certainly attend again.



We're glad that you made it Seefdro. Always nice to hear positive output from our meetings. Thanks again and hope to see you at the next one. :thumbsu:

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Thanks to everyone who made it out to the meeting last night! It was wonderful to see so many new faces!


Steve did a marvelous demo on honey butane extraction. I have experienced his final product and if you are seriously hurting, you wont be after a little of that stuff! Its is VERY potent so please be mindful when trying it for the first time.


I apologize for not doing the full prunning and trimming demo last night but we will be sure to do that another evening! I had JUST trimmed my plants anyways so I'll let one grow a bit wild and really be able to show the full technique I use.


If you guys ever have any suggestions as to what you would like us to talk about or demo at a meeting, please let us know! By the same token, if you happen to have something you would like to share at a meeting, contact one of the board members in advance, we are happy to have guest speakers! We host these meetings for you so tell us what you would like to know more about!

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