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Flying With Mm

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your concern needs to be airport regulations.


call the airport you will be leaving from and ask about their policy.


call the airport you will be arriving at and ask about their policy.


these things change day-to-day it seems.


an old post on and old forum from dec. last year isnt going to help you.


do it right. get the names of the people that you spoke with, and if asked, do not try to hide anything.

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I had read in a thread about going to other MM states by air. I needed to know if anyone has flown carrying any MM . I'm traveling to NV,they are a MM state but there is nowhere to aquire the product so I would like to take my own . Just need some advice . Thanks


Franky I wouldn't... You'd be dealing with the FAA, i.e. federal regulations, and the federal attitude towards cannabis, that is to say it's illegal in any way shape or form, and for any purpose.

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NV isnt a state with reciprocity, which means that NV doesn't recognize or honor MI cards, it only allows registrants in the NV program to possess there. For sure you can't have any more than your permitted weight in any state, which means that if you are a cardholder from CA, you could in theory board with 8 oz, but you better land in Metro with 2.5.


From what I understand, the FAA cedes jurisdiction of these matters to the local PD where the airport is located. So for Metro, the City of Romulus (which is allegedly tolerant) has jurisdiction.. I think Oakland, San Fran and LAX all are tolerant as well. Not sure about Providence and Bozeman...


States which recognize cards of other states as license to possess include Michigan, Maine, Montana, and Rhode Island, as of today. HTH, but not good news...

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I would never carry mm on a plan even if card was accepted in another state. As already pointed out there are feds all over airports and i wouldnt plan on them turning you over to local police who will just let you go. Also even if it was legal to carry in that state it doesnt mean its legal to carry on a plane.

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I flew just a few weeks ago I had 5 joints prerolled in my carry on. No issues


I know of a person who flies with his MM - never an issue.

Been found by security, left alone and told him to have a good day.


Youse guys got better luck than I would ever have! My luck would be to have a dozen cops putting their guns to my head and yelling terrorist! Just because you got by with it, or know someone who did doesn't make it okay, it just means that you/they got away with it, and I congratulate you on your good luck!

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