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My name is michael. I have lived in Michigan my whole life.


Since 18, my back has been in major pain (not the movie.)


I began using marijuana around this time because it helped quite a bit, and I oppose the use of most lab-created pharmacuticals.


I have now been arrested twice for possessing marijuana, and am currently on probation for the second arrest.


The doctors have diagnosed me with Scoliosis of the back, and recommend I seek further treatment.


Tell me, am I able to aquire a card despite the marijuana arrests?


Please say I am.

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Heya Michael, welcome to the forums!



Your past possession charges will not make you ineligible for your patient card.

If they are felonies, you will not be able to be a caregiver.


I am not sure if your probation would allow you to actually use it. You would probably want to check with your PO?

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A buddy was on probation for possesion and he violated probation for droppin dirty. A warrant was issued. Then he got his card and a couple months later got picked up on the warrant, they had him drop twice a week for two weeks until his court date. When he went to court with his court appointed attorney he explained he obtained his card. The judge revoked his probation and he got fines and costs and walked. He was relieved to say the least. The judge was clearly against mm but said something about going to seminars on it. I think they'd rather not have the attention mm would get if a judge wrongfully prosecuted someone when the law protects us. Hope that helps.

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I got to use on probation, but there are countys that dont let you! like alcona! I know trust me, im sure there are many more, they try to get you when they say cannot break any state or federal laws!


Hope you drew a good county like i did!








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Welcome " Crotones " to MMMA 2.0


Personal Michael i would try to get to the

nearest Compassion Club ....


They are very helpful and they can assist in

getting you certified ...


or at least help save you some headackes ...


Also i would suggest not saying anything to

your probation officer , especially if your Medicating Now ...


Good Luck to You , and Welcome to the Jungle

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Well first of all you have to find a physician that is tolerant of Medical Marijuana.

Then you'll have to have your physician diagnose you with a "Debilitating Medical Condition"

Then your physician with have to come to the conclusion that Medical Marijuana will help your particular condition.

Then you'll need to fill out your Application, send it in, and wait 20 days for MDCH to deny you. If they don't deny your application, you're legal to use until they either Deny you, or send you a Card.*


*But here's the thing. If you're on probation, you're NOT going to be "legal", even if they do send you a Card.

Sure it looks very cool having a card. I mean a dispensary might let you in if you have a Card, but if you get caught with Meds, or drop dirty, PROBATION WILL NOT CARE IF YOU HAVE A CARD.

They'll probably arrest or violate you.


I'd just wait until you're off probation.

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