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Telling Your Kids


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Well it is getting to be about that time when my 12 year old is going to figure out that daddy smokes marijuana. :pic:


So I was hoping for some advice about THE TALK.


Of course we are rather open and he is also rather bright (if a bit uncurious). Yesterday I asked him what they have told him about drugs at school and the conversation went like this:




"So they have taught you how to put on a condom and introduced you to same sex couples but nothing about drugs? What do you know about marijuana."


"Just what you have told me. It is not as bad as alcohol and the laws against it are racist and stupid." :sword:


He has not connected our talk to the secret room in the basement. My wife told him not to go there because that is where daddy buries the bodies and now he always takes the pit-bulls down the basement when he raids the fridge. :lol:


I suspect he will ask outright soon and I am open to thoughts on how that conversation needs to be handled.


It will probably go something like this but Shane looks so sad at the end:


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"What do you know about marijuana."


"Just what you have told me. It is not as bad as alcohol and the laws against it are racist and stupid."



Sounds like you're off to a great start! This is the perfect place to start with teens and pre-teens. They are very sensitive to oppression at that age. If you can open their eyes to oppression at that age, they can grow older honing their skills at detecting it.

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I had it kinda easy to explain mm to my kids, 10 and 14 at the time! I have a very bad back and had been on opoids and xanax for over 12yrs, I got a driving on a suspend licsense charge and had to do 8 days in jail, They didnt give me any meds or anything to help me withdraw in the county hilton, on the day of release i was taken to I.C.U in clare county, being taken off of my meds cold turkey almost killed me, I lost 20 lbs and dont remember any of the time in jail!


so now im on mm and I explained to them that it is my pain medication and showed them my card and the laws and gave them a chance to ask me questions, all they asked was if i cant do mm will it put me in the hospital? I told them the truth NO!


Merry Christmas!




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So last night an old friend dropped by in the early evening and we baked hard, excuse me, I mean we appropriately used our medication :rolleyes: in my locked office. Just as we fired up the hooka my son came barging through the door.


"What are you guys doing."

"None of your business, get out of here."

"OK, sure."


Later that evening he followed me down the hall and said (in perfect deadpan), "So dad, I am kind of hungry. Could you get me a Baked Ziti. Or maybe some corned beef hash or some spaghetti marijuana?"


If you don't recognize it, this is from an absolutely classic clip in the TV show Weeds when Andy tells Nancy he knows about her drug dealing. I watched it with my son a couple of months ago (fast forwarding through various scenes) so I was very impressed he remembered the dialogue almost word-for-word:


Andy: "You don't want to hear my menu? Cause I got some really great recipes over at my friend Conrad's joint... earlier... today. Pot roast, um Corned Beef hash. Tonight though, I'm going to go Italian with a little Baked Ziti and a big plate of spaghetti marijuana, I mean marinara."


Anyway, I had the talk, kept it low key, showed him my card and told him marijuana is powerful medicine and definitely not for kids. I emphasized keeping it incognito and we talked about how knowledge like that spreads in school and what could happen if we went on vacation and a friend-of-a-friend heard about his medical marijuana patient dad and now knows he is out of town. He understood and I think he was much more intrigued about Andy's masturbation lecture in Season 2 (episode 3) than what his boring dad does after school. (You Tube "Weeds Andy talks to Shane" if you are interested, one of the funniest darn things I have ever seen).


Thanks one and all.

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