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1St Scrog


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I recently had a buddy that became legal but didn't have money to get any equipment or plants. I told him I would help him out if we could try a SCROG for his first grow. He agreed and we started building, I wish I would've took beginning pics but I didn't expect it to go this well. I just wanted to make this post if anyone was thinking about doing it as a first timer..... This is what I got my first try, its 2 Jedi41 plants that where vegged to about 5 foot then bent over and pulled through.... again this was my first try but figured I would share!






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Thats where I got my Blue julie Ann at was in battle creek... Its Jedi41 dad crossed with a blueberryxcindy 99 mom.. It looks great though my friend


I went to get some meds and they had a bunch of these from seed so I told my girlfriend to pic two that weren't stretched and luckily they were both females! They have a crazy stink to them I can't wait to smoke it!

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Looks friggin awesome G3llo




Thank you!


i like the pic's.thanks for the post,its something i was going to try myself,but i was going to try using a hempy bucket like grow medium box underneath.yours looks to be like 3x4 foot,can i ask how light your throwing at the girls?...thanks ..zzb


Thanks! They are under a 1000 watter, but I am sure this could be done with a lot less light.

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