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Droopy Leaves B4 Lights Out

free country 420

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Ok so since putting this plant into flower been having strange things happining. the droopy leaves are the first thing i have only seen this on a few other plants that did not do well any ideas why they are droopy and only for an hour or so B4 lights out?


the other thing is a prob i think i was having with my water being too hard im seeing classic signs of lock out and have changed my water to filtered water until i get my RO system



my room is 6X6 ,400hps at 8-10 inchs above things temps range from 66night-76day useing fox farms big bloom and some other one i caant remeber now at half streanth,phed to 6-7 any ideas where im going wrong?

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in soil let plant soil get dry , soon as you see drooping , cut by 1 day and water in morining. Im almost willing to bet with 400 you are overwatering. If you dont have a water meter you want about 1-2 inches of the top of the soil to be crumble. Some strains prefer different. To tell i usually do like i said before , water well , the let them go till they drop , then cut by 1 day.

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Watering! You have root problems! I think you put a little seedling in a big pot and saturated the soil? I've done the same thing! The grow I doing now is going by the book 1 gallon pot then a 2 gallon and bud in a 5!! Its a little more work but your roots will love you for it! I hope!!! Happy roots make good fruit!!



I just have a added thought do you pack ocean forest in the pots? I'm guessing your using ocean forest since you ph 6-7! DO NOT PACK IT!!! You will have slow growth!!! When you pack it you take all the air out and then if you saturate with to much water that another no no!!! Let it compack on it own and when the plant is bigger it can drink more water faster when it won't be as much of a problem!!! Use little water like a cup or 8oz of water to a gallon of soil. If growing from seed less water more light=more females use 24 hours in veg!!! They show their sex faster maybe 1 or 2 nights!! The roots they like it loose! I'll bet you a month electric bill this is it!!!

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Water more often, with less water each time....when lights come on.


Mist the lower branches anytime. I mist the upper branches at night, or before lights on. Mist and hot bulbs shouldn't meet. Burns plants sometimes, too.


On watering day, I can see a slight droop, they are thirsty. That day, after watering, they perk up real nice.


The next day, they start out perky, but by the end of the day, I can see that the next day will be watering day.


Have to get to a point where you can observe the plants react, in a good way, to what you are doing. Have to learn the plant. Have to know what it does with too much or too little water. Remember what to do, and what not to do.


Don't try this while medicating. You will duck it up. Do the work first, then medicate, kick back, and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

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