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Finding A Trustworthy Caregiver

Golden Girl

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Welcome to the site GG.

Finding a good caregiver can be daunting, but knowing if he is legal is another thing all together.

For him to be legal, he must have you, himself, or or another person as a patient.

Tell us a little about yourself such as what area of Michigan you live in and what your medical condition is. Are you legal yet, or just getting ready?

If taught, are you physically able to grow your own?

That's just for starters. You'll get more as some read your post.

Keep us informed of how you're doing.

Again, welcome.

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Welcome Golden Girl! You've come to the right place. Some suggestions I'd like to add are: When you meet someone, use your Intuition. Do you feel comfortable with this person? If your instincts tell you the person is ok, go for it. There has to be no doubt. If you're good at trusting your gut feelings, you'll be fine. Listen to their words, how they present themselves. Are they responsive to your questions? Are they reasonable, warm, how do they explain their services and what payment options are offered? Get to know them, and get to know as many as you can in case things don't work out. Would your cg (caregiver) be willing to refer you to someone else if he/she can't provide you with what you need, or something happens that for whatever reason causes you to have to find someone else. If that person is genuine, they won't be offended if you needed a different cg. The good ones are very reasonable, compassionate, and helpful. Try getting to know them, and other pt's, (patients) too, they can tell you who's trustworthy, from their experiences. The CC is a great place to go for all this, it's kinda like a support group, where people can feel safe, to connect with others. Good luck with your certification, I hope you'll be approved and can find the right medicine for your needs.



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Golden Girl, if there's other pt's there, they can help you. Most of those cert places don't know about the CC's, as far as I know. Keep looking on here, not just in the calenders but just get to know others here who might be able to help. I thought I saw you in the chat room, that's a good place to ask, too. Hopefully someone will see this thread who knows more than I about what's in your area.


Sincerely, Sb

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Welcome " Golden Girl " to MMMA 2.0


I always HATE giving Advice about finding a Caregiver ...


This is a Very Personal Issue ...


Having someone that will be a Good Caregiver to You and

Not someone that will take advantage of You ...


Please take your time when looking for a Caregiver


You can always add your Caregiver at a later date for $10.oo

If you send for your Card right away ...


Ask Alot of Questions , Try going to as many Compassion Meeting

as you can get to , Not All Meeting are the Same ...


There are ALOT of Good Caregivers out there , But it does

take time to find them ....


Good Luck to You and Welcome Here .... :thumbsu:

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hello and welcome

here is a post from another member that i found as a good opinion when looking for a care giver


"Im gona make it real simple for patients to figure of theyre signing a real care giver...Did he show you a sample?.by sample i mean something around a quarter.Does he have at least two strains, one for daytime and one for evening?and most of all are meds available now or within 3 weeks(Ie 21 days)?If you anwsered no to any of these questions you probably shouldnt sign him.sure there are lots of people that want to be caregivers, i mean who wouldnt want to grow awesome buds right?well the fact of the matter is some people just cant.Now you dont want to be the guinee pig right?Ofcoarse not.Its dif if its someone you trust and your both on the same page, meaning you Know he/she has never grown before but u know that he/she has the will power, and more importantly the gear to do so and most of all, is not gona screw you when they see the dollar signs the black market offers.Every single one of my patients has went thru this.One even put up money for gear, watched them grow, seen the end product, then never heard about it again.If theres a time when your broke or somthing happen, etc and you tell your cg your out of meds and he cant say "No prob, heres a quarter, dont worry about it" or at least "Hey well, come over help me do somethings in the garden(if your able)and ill c what I can do for you" then hes not a caregiver, hes your drug dealer."



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Traverse city meetings Wednesday on the parkway. it is a compassionate connection meeting.


Also meetings on Monday (I think) compassionate club meeting. On front street.



I wish everyone that needed a caregiver had a friend or someone they knew well that was already in the program . Care giveing is more than just growing & you need to find someone who WILL care about you. I have found success with getting patients with similar interests, lifestyes as myself so that I can better understand their needs. Your caregiver doesn't need to be your friend but it helps if they were the kind of person that could be.


You will know if their legal by the way they explain & conduct business. Do they have all the forms, know how to fill them out. If you can you want one already established. There is a learning curve. It takes a few cycles to get things together. An established caregiver will have his card, samples & answers to you questions.


Trust your gut. You have to have trust in this person, get to know them before you sign.

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welcome to the site...

all great advice....

defiantly trust your instincts, and interview as many caregivers and patients as you can find. ask as many questions as you can think of, and don't be afraid to say no.

the caregiver / patient relationship is designed to and has been implemented as a personal relationship between you, and a person you designate to grow your plants for you.

each relationship is as different as the humans who entered into it.

i personally have a different arrangement with each of my patients.

in each case i try to make it what works best for each of them as individuals.

i can't discuss those of course to protect their privacy

Just be honest, open, and sincere, and you should have no trouble finding help. and a person who you trust to maintain and supply your medicine.

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Im new here and dont really know my way around, im sure this info is available. Where abouts do you live?

Im in Big Rapids but do deliver farther out. Ive been growing for myself for a little over a year now, but when i was younger i grew for about 5 years. I am currently setting up 3 more patients. That leaves 2 slots open. I have some overages for new patients. I will grow whatever strain you would like or we can take a look and see what would work best for your ailments. In about 6 weeks i will have a perpetual garden so i can service my patients properly. Like many other caregivers, i have a network of suppliers and we help each other out when needed.


Please feel free to contact me if you or anyone else is looking for a proffesional, discreet, knowledgable and compassionate caregiver. My prices run on the low side for west michigan , and yes I do provide a small amount free from my crops


Would love to talk with anyone looking

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I need to know how to go about finding a caregiver in my area, and how to know if they are trustworthy and legal. Maybe this isn't a topic for this discussion board; if not please tell me how and where to ask this question. Can you tell I'm new?



Hi GoldenGirl!


I just sent you a private message.



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