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Pres.bush 2- Drunk Slurring Speech At News Conference

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Guest 1TokeOverLine

They have a warrant for his arrest in Sweeden for War Crimes. He failed to show up there for a conference, chances are they'll never catch up with that Big Oil Slime Ball. he's more slippery than Dish Soap !


Link? or conjecture.



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This countrys goverment is the laughing stock of this planet . :thumbsd:



The eight looonnngg years GB the 2nd was in power ruined Americas integrity with the entire world and you're absolutely right, the US Government is a laughing stock.


The hypocrisy that DC spews about 'human rights' to other sovereign countries in asinine and is coming back to haunt them is this country where that value is rarely, if ever, is practiced by DC on US citizens.


Case in point; We patients and caregivers! If any country was mistreating the dieing and sick the way Michigan is Dc would be calling for UN resolutions denouncing the treatment and maybe send in NATO forces to squash the mistreatment.

(Wow..just fantasied seeing blue NATO APC's parked in front of the capital in Lansing)


The citizens of the world who have been oppressed for far to long are rising up against the oppressive nature of dictatorships, monarchies, and even so called 'democratic' nations like our own.


I have no problem paying my far share of taxes but, when a person EARNING $40K a year is some cases can be taxed more than someone who receives millions of dollars in salary or stock dividends, the system is broken.






we are ALL!

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I want a bottle of what that guy is having :-)


I cant believe folks let him get up there.....


People outside this country don't like Bush, but I've found they are quick to separate the American public, it's government, and way of life, from a "bad regime".

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