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Couple Of Questions

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I've had caregivers offer to supply me at 15-20 a gram to offering the first OZ free and subsequent OZs at 150-200 is there anyone who can tell me what seems to be the the average financial relationship and are there any bulletin boards where a patient can contact caregivers

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At 15-20 per gram you might as well be buying it from a dispensary. Be careful of the free weed CG's, as they are most likely selling overages to make up for the costs. Some only sell to Dispensaries, some sell to the black market, and if that's the case, do you want your name tied to that when Leo catches them? Also, some of the free weed guys make it a priority to sell to the dispensaries, and only sell you the crap no one wanted.


I know, I am a CG so some may think I am trying ot make others look bad. However, I am just sharing what I have read on the boards here from PT's. I am also not naming any particular CG here.


I will also point out, that there are some free guys who literally are legit, and are already growing their own, and will grow for you for little to no compensation. It all takes just talking to them, meeting them, and seeing if you can find a good solution to you both. And Make sure to get what you agree to in writing, both of you sign it.


Basically what I am trying to say, is be wary of "free weed guys" but at the same time, don't sign a CG if you are paying Dispensary prices, just go to a dispensary. I would be very suspicious if a CG wanted to sell by the gram anyway.


Troy's advice to just grow your own, its a good idea if your needs are low. If you need lots of high quality stuff (like an oz a week+), it would be hard to do without spending a good amount of coin to get started.


Good luck.

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welcome to the site do some reading in the forums you will see a lot of what your asking about... if you wish to allow someone to grow if there saying free id be worried as in life nothing is free... talk with them and see how they are and how they over time can help you... dont go with the first one you meet keep your grow rights until you have found a good one that will work with you and your needs... there is a cost most who do it for free are just using your rights to grow lots more to sell at a profit... this is not for you and has in the past with some you dont get what you expect... find one who is willing to work with you and is not about the money they are going to make off your grow rights... it takes time to find but when you do you will be much better off...

i would expect to pay a fair price for there service... personally i would talk with them and find plants that are for you that best helps you... what someone grows may not help you and theres a lot of different plants out here that can... they just have to be found... that way you can help the grower and you can get plants that fit you better and you could buy those for him to grow for you... there is a lot out here who do this for the money and not to help you... just take time and find the good ones... good luck hope you find what your needing...



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there is a section in the forums where you can look for a caregiver--Put out there what you are looking for, and someone will definately be able to help you. Like the previous poster said--meet a few folks, see who you can form the best relationship with. This is a great place, and the people are awesome here

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