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Hello Everyone!

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Hello all! Happy to be a part of the community! I just got my certification and a good friend who is a member told me he's met some great people here. I hope to be an active part of the community and am looking forward to the strengthening of our rights as patients and caregivers. I live in the Waterford/Pontiac area of Metro Detroit. I hope to be my own caregiver one day , but it's not something that's going to happen at least until I get some more knowledge and of course equipment with which to grow! Until then I am looking for my own caregiver and P2P transfers in the meantime. Thanks for your time folks! Hope to meet you all very soon :)


Just to be clear, my 21 days will be up on the 27th of this (May) month.

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hello musashi


welcome to the site... nice to see you here we do hope you find all your looking for as far as info... if not please do ask as im sure one of our group can help with it... if not i know theres a bunch who will know where to find the info... help us support our law and come by the rally on the 25th of may at the capital building downtown lansing... hope to see ya there... we also have a very good growing section and a nice chat room so stop by and talk it up with the rest of us...



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