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600 Watt -Vs- 1000 Watt



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  1. 1. Which do you prefer for vegging??

    • 600 watt lites
    • 1000 watt lites

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so do you prefer the 600 watt light to the 1000 watt light for vegging?? I would really like to know. I plan on growing 4 plants in a 3x6 box, i have one box for veg and one for flower, both the same size, so two lites and they'd be on a 30amp breaker. I'm going to put in a lite mover so that the little ladies get the same amount of lite, and I may put in some flourescent lites along the base of the plants just for good measure.

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I just posted this is another thread about the 2 lamps.


To keep figures easy here, 1k = 150k lumens, 600 = 100k lumens.


2 x 1000 = 300k lumens @ 2000w

3 x 600 = 300k lumens @ 1800w


If you were to convert to 600 it would be to run more bulbs. Personally I run (2) 1kw lamps, I'd rather have a higher concentrated point of light then spread it out. but a 600w lamp in #'s is more efficient every time.


Also sunpulse makes a splitter that will power 2 600w lamps off 1 1000w ballast, so if you already have 1000w ballasts thats always an option. I'll never get rid of my 1kw bulbs though to me, they make for bigger more dense nugs.

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