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No Renewal Form Yet

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my card expires 8-1 and i haven't received my renewal form yet.. and i was wondering if anyone else has had the same problem..i don't know if they're backed up on getting them out like with new cards or what..i'm not sure who i've got to call to get one sent out ..i guess i'll have to dig out last years paper work and see if there's a contact number...anyway i was wondering if anyone else is or had the same problem...budpuffer/zb

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I havnt rcd mine either and am waiting for it to recert with the good Dr.Bob If need be I will just print it off the website but last 2 times it came and seemed liked it processed faster than printing,well within a month instead of the long wait new people have so thought it may have something to do with the envelope or w/e

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yea i know this is the first time i've had a problem too...i think i'll call em first and see if they will mail me out one...and find out if they've got a sob story to go with it..lol..budpuffer/zb



I was told they dont send one now that they changed departments in charge when I renewed this year . I sent in my app in May the first week of May for a renewal and still do not have a card my paperwork is in my room with a copy of the check and signed confirmation of delivery . Don't wait for a renewal form look at the State site it will tell you the info and they no longer send one . This was confirmed to me by THCF . .







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