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Neighbors And Ac Units

Rx Grade Hydro

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My only neighbor hasnt said a word. I just wantes a good excuss if one exists. I was hopeing there was a some sort of rare caged pet that likes it cool or some excuss like that..., ...other then my green leavy skunk. LOL.

I like it cold....


Sounds like you are already under suspicion. There really isn't a good excuse to be running a window AC 24/7 in the fall...


Maybe you could convince them it's just the fan in it that is running.

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GREAT responce Smokeythebear...LOL Thats the line he's gonna get or, that I like to sleep in the cold and that pesky "Skunk' that "vents' I mean sprays every night all night keeps me up...LOL Its just he's my "only" neighbor and our bedroom windows are like 10 ft apart..LOL.

i'm with motorbuds^



tell them it's your S&M room and the leather and latex get's very hot so ya gotta keep the room cool for max performance, they wont ask anymore questions,lol

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Good morning everyone.


Anyone have any advice on what to say to a neighbors who asks why my in-window AC unit runs 24-7 on these cool nites and days? Im just curious as to what others have said to those pp who ask, "Hey why is your air running?" Positive Vibes everyone!


I doubt it will come up . You should be able to tell the truth your legal . isn't it crazy how we treat this period no matter whom we are ? For saftey's sake you proballey should dodge the question but believe me you will be found out in time . I had a insurance agent come over once and finnly I explained the situation because they could smell the room .I could tell they were relieved as they along with everyone else in our time has been indoctrinated in the narc on your neighbor for their own good theory . Personally I love the smell and don't try to hide it . That one falls under I spilled a bottle of Petule oil .


If your really uncomfortable tell them it clears the air of contaminants for your alergies , has a ionizer in it too as well as reduces high humidity from your incontinence problem keeping the carpets dry . That should keep them from bothering you .You could tell them its a heat pump and warms in winter too :-) . However your either growing with huge wattage , too insulated bcause I have no issues at all now with 1000 watts . I worry about the room being cool . .


I factor the heat from my lamps into my heating solution for the winter . I have vents near the ceiling that go into the home where the heat can dissapate and spread so nothing is wasted . I have already closed my vents to the outside and will seal them off for the winter in late October .Mine is a personal grow that never exceeds 1000 watts total for everything . On a scale of 1 to 10 with one being the most efficient and best I would rate myself about a 7 ( I am struggling to do anything daily ) I get by and am proud of my budget set up though I have seen amazing places built for personal use for less then a $1000 even $500 .


I have all old school HID hoping to learn more about digital dial down and up wattage set ups and LED . There is a good LED thread here . Many people in the underground have had amazing results with only florescent bulbs though one must be patient . .

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