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What Is Medical Use?

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I resent it when people say I am 'getting high'.


After so many years of smoking marijuana, it just makes me feel normal. I do not feel goofy, groggy, or do I act out impulsively. I do not have strange behavior, I don't zone out, or giggle for no reason. All outward appearances, you would never know I had just medicated.


What is going on in my head, is a fog of pain is being lifted, I begin to see things clearer. My emotions shift from pain, to being able to interact with loved ones around me. My actions are normal, I just wish to do some housework as a husband, to volunteer in my community, and I miss work since i cannot work anymore.


I am not having a party, I am just trying to claim what is left in life for a disabled broken person.


All medications will give you a buzz. Cold medicine, anti-depressives, pain medicine - doctors know this. They know that patients will benefit from an "improved sense of well being." When you get high, you are improving your mental, physical, and emotional state. For a person suffering from chronic pain, depression, anxiety - that is a very important part for recovery.


Do I recreate anymore? Since I have maintained a decent 'sense of well being' - I find that I no longer seek 'getting wasted, fuc*ked ip, or zoned out man'. Perhaps my past 'recreational use' was really me seeking relief. Since I am happy with my 'normal' life now, I do not see the need to party. A normal day with no pain or sickness is such a great day, i would hate to miss out on it.


It is not to say that I don't recreate with marijuana. I do understand the social effects of marijuana, most people are more open and friendly when sharing marijuana. I can see people having a few beers, I never understood people that needed to empty a case of beer or a fifth of liquor. I have smoked marijuana to meditate, before taking on a creative project, or even making love. Maybe the goal of recreational use, should be to make it a positive event. If you are just blowing a whole day hiding from people, smoking in a basement, playing video games or just zoning out on the couch - that should tell you its not a positive event.



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hey let me add my pov on that restorium -


recreational use is using medicine when its not needed, or using more than required for normalizing. Self medicating to me, is still seeking relief from ailments.

People can take street pain pills, self medicate because of failed healthcare as left them in pain. when people that are not in pain take pain pills, for kicks - thats recreation.



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Kind of a matter of semantics to me.

Most people suffer from something or other in Michigan, especially now.

I was given the doctor reccomendation for the arthritis in my knees. Honestly, I can still feel the knee pain after I medicate, but it does wonders for my ADHD and anxiety issues, especially if I stick to Indica dominant kinds. As far as I know ADHD and anxiety are not currently qualifying conditions-at least not when I got my card the first time. Also really helps with my anger management issues (so I won't Karate chop Schutte).

So honestly I guess it just makes me feel "normal" whatever that is. Call it medical, recreational or whatever. They just need to make it legal and stop ruining people's lives.

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words words words. dont let language get in the way of understanding a good thing when you see it.


recreational would be if you smoke and play soccer.


medical could be if you smoked so you could play soccer.


i used to rec smoke to do something that sucked or was awesome.


now i medicate to help deal with some thing that sucks or is awesome.


im trying to understand what your looking for? it reads of arrogance.

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I think this world needs creative people who think big. I'd like to see a world full of Cannabis in all its forms. I see this medical protectionism as constricting in fear of losing what we have gained. While Cannabis remains illegal we have not gained much. The scope of Cannabis re-legalization in terms of the improvement of this world is virtually unlimited. Think of it as medicine for the planet. Total removal of Cannabis laws (except perhaps protecting it from genetic modification) would mean virtually free medicine for any human being in the whole world who has a medical need for it.

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I remember back then when compassion clubs were going to be safe places for education , intermingling with the opertunity to meet and have access to medication though caregivers . Non profits where patients could work , volunteer or co-op and use their medication , then we started to compromise the idea as sales alone seemed to become more important to individuals then unfullfilled patient needs taken away by illness and injury . Recreational use and medical use blurred the objective of positive patient outcomes . Now many patients whom find they are required to dose frequently sit at home with the drapes drawn scared to even invite another patient over to watch a movie and talk less it be deemed recreational if they dose with cannabis . There is no legal recognized place to medicate even at area hospitals run by the State of Michigan .


I know I am still looking for that place being available on a regular basis so If I have a good day I can get out , still medicate and socialize . Scheduled events and activities are not feasible for many patients whom have lost dependabillity due to health issues or have easily missunderstood needs and adaptations to control symptoms . I still hope one day our States people will provide this assistance in a legal and supported manner that will be embraced and supported by law enforcement healing the wounds of war on both sides at least on the medical front . Instead mistrust is further manifesting with it's negative implications .

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These rules were adopted by the Founding Board Members of the MMMA and should be adhered to out of respect for the Principles and Ideals of the MMMA.:


Keep the focus on patient outcomes. What is best for the patient must always be the #1 priority and the primary focus.


We are about medical cannabis, not the larger issues of Prohibition or responsible adult use. Do not stray too far into those areas. Refer people to MI NORML if they wish to pursue those important issues.


Avoid exaggerated claims of the medical efficacy of cannabis. The MMMA position is, “marijuana TREATS the SYMPTOMS of many diseases”.


Do not claim cannabis or cannabinoids CURE any disease. Do not claim that cannabis or

cannabinoids treat the disease itself. This is non-negotiable.


No one knows all the answers about the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act. Be sure the information you impart to anyone is accurate.


Don’t pretend to know things you don’t, if you’re asked a question you don’t have an answer for, tell people you don’t know but you will find out, or tell them where to find the information.


Be honest with people and they will respect your leadership and want to follow you.


Always stay on the MMMA message



nice - so the rules were already there. I guess my point is, lets just try to stay on the MMMA message.


end lame post.



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The U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency recently decreed that marijuana has no accepted medical use and should remain classified alongside heroin and cocaine as a dangerous drug


This is the number one impediment to universal access to medical Cannabis. Do you want to go for the big prize or are you content to remain where you are, guarding your scraps? Not you, cristine - the protectionists

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