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Possible Mold (During Curing)?


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i dealt with this issue last summer...

my only advice is to make butter or tincture or rso or something that cooks the cannabis to a heat level that will kill the spores.

unfortunately any cannabis that was stored in the infected jars has probably been introduced to the spores. they travel quite easily long before they are visible. and they seem to permeate every space....

it isn't healthy to inhale mold spores for any living creature purposefully so smoking is not recommended... '


once again i only offer this as my personal advice.



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Make certain that it's mold before proceeding with your action plan. It's not unknown to have mites show up after your harvest and start laying some eggs. Depending on the severity, you might still be able to smoke or vape the bud if the eggs aren't too widespread. Alternatively, water cure them as mentioned or make hash at worst.


One other trick if they turn out to be eggs: suffocate them. Find some inert gas in liquid form in a tank (nitrogen, nitrous oxide, carbon dioxide, etc.) and flood your curing jars with so much of it that all of the oxygen is pushed out. Any existing eggs or mites will croak on the spot.

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It was likley Aspergillus fungus. It is white, powdery, and yes - people can get sick from it.

I am not sure I would try treating it - as Aspergillus spores can survive smoking to reside in your pipe, sinus and bronchus.


Did you store it in the dark? Was it cool temp? Did you break down big dense buds?

If you ended up with fungus, you did not dry it enough before jarring.




It could have been present in the drying room prior to your harvest.



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