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Looking Like The Fun's Over

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Just logged into FB and am no longer able to post to Billy's page or like/share things from it. Also noticed that many posts were gone including some of mine. He must have finally gotten tired of being made to look silly on his own facebook page. It was great while it lasted. His page had turned into a HUGE informational source on his abuses of the voters, attacks on civil liberties and the failure of the prohibition of cannabis.


Anyone else there notice the changes?

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start a Bill Schuette Love page on FB. post all the stuff from his page over to the new page, and share share share.


Yes, this is the way it must be. Turnabout=fair play. Too bad we can't make up laws that terrorize him as he does to us. Karma is a harsh teacher, I sure wouldn't want to spend several eternities in hell boiling in a pit of acid or something. That would almost be as bad as what he's doing to many patients.

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I deactivated my FB account,just kinda tired of it at the moment. But I posted quite a few statements to Bill,surprised it took this long for them to delete the posts or ask for approval. Someone should start a love page for him though just so he knows he cant keep us down!and we arent going away!!!

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