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Isn't There A Law Against Bullying


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30 months into this battle. For something i should at most been given a compliance ticket for I'm awaiting my Supreme Court Date on


. . . .

It´s time police simmer down on pot

<H2></H2>by Kyle Melinn File this under: Old Habits Die Hard.


Police, prosecutors, judges, the whole legal pyramid right up the line can´t crack this old, tired belief that all marijuana is bad all the time — that someone growing pot "needs them some criminal charges."


Didn´t nearly two-thirds of Michigan voters say two years ago that a limited amount of medical marijuana could be grown legally? That it’s high time police found more productive uses for their time than harassing someone growing a little weed in the backyard?


And, yet, the Court of Appeals gave license to more law enforcement overreach when it allowed criminal charges against Owosso´s Larry S. King, who became a criminal for not having a conventional lock on his backdoor and for covering his 6-foot-high fence with a plastic tarp.


From a nosy neighbor´s property, police went Special Ops-like, using binoculars to spy into a converted dog kennel that King was using to legally grow his medical marijuana. The locked fence was 6 feet tall, but the plastic covering the enclosure was blowing in the breeze, allowing the cops to see real, live marijuana growing.


Justice needed to be served. Michigan State Police Sgt. Brian Fox and Shiawassee County Deputy Jed Eisenberger marched onto King´s property and asked him to produce his stateissued medical marijuana card, which he did.


They asked him to see his marijuana garden. He unlocked the gate for them.


They asked him if he was growing more. King said more plants were inside a closet in his house, but he wanted a warrant before showing those off. A warrant was produced.


King challenged the police, and they challenged back, using their imaginations to cook up a pair of charges only Nancy Reagan would be proud of.


Under their reasoning, the state law requiring pot to be grown in an "enclosed, locked facility" means an outdoor garden needs an attached roof because six feet of fence won´t do. And King´s back door needs a lock because however King secured his knob-less backdoor when he left the house (a board wedged in the door, for example,) wasn´t good enough).


This absurd reasoning has no ending.


At what point is King´s grounds "secured?" When he installs an alarm system? Motion detectors? A barbed-wired fence? A couple hungry Rottweilers? Why doesn´t he give Blackwater´s Erik Prince a call for some advice?


If a pair of industrious 15-year-olds wanted to get at King´s pot, they´d find a way. Just like if police don´t like someone´s attitude, they´ll find a way to make their life miserable.





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Never realized how dark our govt could be. Truly appaling the way we, through you-all are being


treated. This is not justice, it's not democracy, it is a type of 'Special Warfare' being


conducted on us. So unfair what they are doing to you. You have our sympathy and whole hearted support !


Best of Luck ! Hope they honor the Law soon for your sakes especially!




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