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Don't Recall Schuette

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It takes 25% of teh votes cast for the Governor to recall any officer, so 800,000 signatures. That's a lot...


It only takes 8% for a ballot initiative...


Let's pass a law banning him from the state. :sword::devil:


Can an initiative be used to remove an officer? 260,000 signatures would be much easier. That's like every patient and one friend.


Is there somewhere to get a count on how many signatures have been gathered?

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Where Do I sign ???


This verifies the figure out of their camp for signatures needed to put his proposed law amendments on the 2012 ballot . Get ready for round two and possibly loosing your right to be on the program if your a severe chronic pain patient or otherwise would no longer qualify with his changes only allowing terminal patients if I read the new language correctly .They are doing this ! Somebody better prepare to fight it . He is organizing at his community meetings . The 260,000 signatures are a slam dunk . People must stop hating Schuette and educate as well as define legal supply clearly for the public if they want dispensaries . The Farmers market model seems to make good sense where it is allowed to operate . However many people wonder why there are overages on purpose . Staying within 2.5 ounces is like saying you can only have one bushel of apples from a apple tree when their falling by the hundreds on the ground in fall all around you and you need a non interrupted supply year round . Maybe instead of focusing on Bill Schuette a dispensary bill and eliminating weight limits while staying in the plant counts etc with a proposal to counter his would be more important and allow the voters to educate and read two points of view and choose instead of just feeling their punishing the bad guys by voting for Schuettes reform that leaves a very slim door open . Even now only 1% of the population qualifies and of that 60% + are not working . With 40% totally and permanently disabled .

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