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Farmers Markets


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MOCC also has a farmers market.


MOCC Community Farmers Market March 4th, 2012 1pm-5pm


ADMISSION FREE TO MOCC MEMBERS - Yearly memberships available with free MOCC shirt $25.00


Non members $5.00


MOCC Members Caregiver Booths are $50.00


Non Members Caregivers Booths are $60.00.


All product must be labeled with your Name and Quantity on it!!!


Caregivers must arrive at least 1 hour early of entry time.


Caregivers Must Bring Own Table and Chairs , We are working on solutions :-)



Only Patients & Caregivers allowed in Farmers Market !!!! Caregivers who are counseling enter through the side door on the West side of building. This will only be open 1 hour prior to opening. Once we open, then its up to MOCC if you will be allowed in depending on how late you are or if you made prior arrangements with a board member directly.



You must have a valid Michigan Medical Marijuana Patient or Caregivers Card or Valid Paperwork and State ID to get in! NO EXCEPTIONS! Friends or family will not be allowed in doors.


Paper work needed IF YOU HAVEN'T RECEIVED YOUR NEW VERIFIED LETTER FROM STATE, Copy of DR. recommendation, copy of cashed check, or money order info. Valid State ID, PROOF Of Sent Paperwork to LARA. and a 3rd piece of ID such as library card, credit card, utility bill, etc...


Clones will be inspected and plants with bugs and or mold will not be allowed in the market. MOCC prefers if you have your clones secured either in cage or box. Collapsible Dog Kennels work really well for this. No plants bigger than 24" please.


Complimentry coffee, tea, donuts and bagels,etc...



Ghetto Rags

19024 Florida Street.....just north of 12 mile off gratiot

Roseville, MI 48066


Check our website for more details,sign up to get email notifications about future farmers markets and social evenets. MOCC DOT COM

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