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I am on a mission to obtain the real deathstar cutting. I have paid for it before only to find out later it was from seed and not the clone only from Ohio. Anyone with the clone only and nugs to prove its potency I am willing to compensate up to 3k for it. I am in the Jackson Ann arbor area. Pm me.

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umm. i got the D Star. It's real finicky though. Course, so is the Sour Diesel. I don't think i could bilk you for 3k though. That 'seems awfully high unless your planning to use it for commercial use. I don't have any dried meds right now but when i do i will contact you. My Dstar is the real thing from down south. Team Dstar with the shirt to prove it! ha ha . I sometimes vend at the Jackson Farmers Market so we could meet up there sometime.

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I did not pick up Deathstar on Attitude Seed bank search engine, it goes by breeder, if there is a specific breeder of DeathStar, start with that in the search -

This is just a partial list of breeders they use at Attitude

"EVA Seeds

Female Seeds

Feminised Seeds Company

Finest Medicinal Seeds

Flash Autoflowering Seeds

Flying Dutchmen Seeds

Freedom Of Seeds

G13 Labs

Gage Green Seeds

Genehtik Seeds


Granddaddy Purple

Grass O Matic

Green Devil Seeds

Green Label Seeds

Greenhouse Seeds

Hazeman Seeds

High Quality Seeds

Holy Smoke Seeds

Homegrown Fantaseeds

Hortilab Seeds

House of Funk Genetics

Humboldt Seed Organisation

HY-Pro Seeds

John Sinclair Seeds

Kaliman Seeds

Kannabia Seeds

Karma Genetics Seeds

KC Brains

Kiwi Seeds

Kulu Seeds

Lowlife Seeds

Lowryder Seeds

Mandala Seeds

Mdanzig Advanced Automatixx Seeds


Medical Seeds

Ministry of Cannabis

Mosca Seeds

Mr Nice Seeds

New Era Genetics

Next Generation Seeds

Nirvana Seeds

OG Raskal Seeds

Paradise Seeds

Porno Seeds

Positronic Seeds

Pyramid Seeds

Rare Dankness

Reeferman Seeds

Reserva Privada Seeds

Resin Seeds

Rokerji Seeds

RooR Seeds

Royal Dutch Genetics

Royal Queen Seeds

Sagarmatha Seeds

Samsara Seeds

Sativa Bags

Sativa Seeds


Secret Valley Seeds

Seedism Seeds

Seedmakers Seeds

Seeds of Life

Seedsman Seeds

Sensi Seeds

Serious Seeds

Short Stuff Seeds

Simply Female Seeds

Soma Seeds

Spice of Life Seeds

Super Strains

Sweet Seeds

TGA Subcool Seeds

TH Seeds

The 7 Dwarfs Seeds

The Attitude Seedbank

The Real Seed Company

Trichome Jungle Seeds

Ultra Genetics

Underground Originals Seeds

Vulkania Seeds


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Besides the medicinal claims for DeathStar, it has urban legend creed, "it is clone only, you need to be in the know and get it from someone else in the know". You can't buy it from a seed bank and even if you could, it would not be the "real" thing. This was pretty much stated by the OP.


Curious thing is this thread is the first post for the OP on MMMA.

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Soundless none of those breeders make a Death Star.....as said by the OP DS is an Ohio clone only, I don't even know of a breeder making S1's of it? I know a breeder that just started making a Green Crack S1, and of course Dr. Green Thumb is the master of the S1 and coming pretty close to many "elites" in seed form, however the S'1 are not the "real" cut. Don't get me wrong a well made S1 certainly has value for a certain group of people as the original cut has value to another group of people. :D

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Cutty you may be right - but lets consider this -


If you cannot find Deathstar - you look for comparable THC/cbd ratios as a start to find a similar replacement.

Be warned that with your high priced offer, you could get a 're-named' plant - so do make sure you find the breeder or see the harvest results of the plant you are buying.


good luck.

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Or you start from the ground up and try to remake the plant. Death Star = ECSD x Sensi Star.... Now you have to find a really rare pack of beans in Sensi Star then you have to find a pretty rare clone, or you could use Doc's S1 maybe? The mix those together select out of those and maybe you'll find your own version of Death Star. Just to be clear I don't think the OP really would pay 3K and it's a first post at that....I personally don't pay for clones I leave that up to my Karma. :D

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