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Testimonials Of People Using Marijuana As Medicine Without Receiving Any 'high' Side Effects.

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Topical Pain Oil Feedback:



Before applying infused topical pain oil you can see the horrible swelling in his hand.


15 Minutes After Administration of topical oil



30 Hours later the swelling has reduced by 85%. Without the infused topical oil he voiced it would take 4-7 days for the same effect. Never suffered the side effects of being 'high'.




Motorcycle Burn


This is an exhaust burn (on a leg) from a motorcycle that has been treated for four (4) days prior with an over the counter antibiotic cream. Four (4) days later the right side was treated with infused topical oil while the left side was treated, again, with the over the counter antibiotic cream. It was covered over night. The next morning the patient uncovered the wound. The patient also reported that the pain was relieved with no side effects of being 'high'.



Initial Treatment



The exhaust burn 5 days after the original photo. She has been using infused cannabis topical oil on the entire wound. 2015434.jpg

She has experienced NO side effects of being 'high' from this administrative method.


12 Days Later




August 7, 2012


Picture of right arm with a Melanoma Cancerous Mole on August 7th 2012. Before administering the infused cannabis topical oil.




August 28, 2012



This is an update of 3 weeks of healing from the time the patient took off the band-aid that he had on the area for 7 days. He said it looked gross when he took the band-aid off, but today it is almost completely healed. We are amazed in only 3 weeks time. He have been putting on the Cannabis infused topical oil, about 6 times a day. The compassion center, where I get my medicine from, gives the oil to it's members for free. They really do care about helping people and I have personally met so many people that this oil has worked miracles for them. It should be available in every State in the USA. I use it on so many things that I keep my bottle with me most all the time.




Diabetic Wound


This is a wound on the foot of a 90 year old lady who has been a diabetic for 45 years. The doctor said the wound at best will be there for years... He said; hopefully she won't lose her foot.


Her son gave her two (2) bottles of our cannabis infused topical oil. It only took six weeks for her wound to completely heal.


The following pics are the progression to her healing process!








Week #6





More Experiences

  • When Sarah and I first tried the topical oil more than a year ago we used it for the aches & pains regarding our spinal cord injuries. Sarah has had a failed back surgery and two new total knee replacements(and now needs two more because the prosthetic devices used in her two surgeries are now known to be structurally deficient…but that’s another story – LOL)….
    The topical oil is the ONLY thing to adequately deal with the pain on the terrible weather days. When it is rainy, overcast, high humidity, and raising barometric pressure even the pain pills along with smoking/vaporizing cannabis will not be enough to deal with our pain issues. On those days we use the topical oil in large amounts like one would use BenGay, Mineral Ice, Tiger Balm, etc…
    In the words of my pain mgmt. physician, “searching for the perfect drug cocktail”.
    In addition to using the oil for pain issues, we both have tried it to successfully get rid of migraine and tension headaches. To me, this is a true god-send because it WORKS and I don’t have to take another pill for migraines.
    Also, it works on cold sores. Instead of using that high-priced tiny blue tube of Abreva, we have found that the topical oil does just as good of job in the same amount of time!
    Plus, any other skin ailments, rashes, or breakouts. If I could afford it, I would cover my bald head in it on a daily basis. And, I know this might be under the heading of “too much information” – but, when Workman’s Comp was paying for all of my healthcare I was able to get massage therapy 3 x a week. I would give anything to get one of those professional massages for my neck and upper back with 3-4 bottle of Peanutbutter’s Oil. (Maybe if Ed McMahon comes back to life and knocks on my door or if I win the lottery this will be possible but for now I’ll just put it on my Bucket List. LMAO!)
    Hope you and yours have a very Happy New Year!
    I’d give anything to live closer to be able to visit with you regularly BECAUSE in my opinion, you seem to be focused on better patient outcomes and from where I sit that’s what this law was supposed to be about…the patients.
    All the best,
    Grand Blanc, Michigan
  • My 85 year old patient was using the oil on his back. His wife was helping him put on the oil and found that it cured her arthritis. I have a relative that used it to get rid of his skin cancer. I know a little girl with brain stem glaucoma and her patents put the oil on her head to help with pain. I know a chron’s patient who uses it on his abdomen and another person who claims it cured her herpes. I woulds say its the most incredible medicine on earth!
    - R. S
  • My migraines and my feet when they crack and ache (I’m a diabetic )
    - A.
  • I use it on my neck,back and knees! I don't get any buzz or high at all!
    - J. H.
  • I got a patient off of fentenol (spell check that) patches with tincture. When used topical it produces no high, I use it on my neck.
    - M. R.
  • Oil does wonders for the Severe Degenerative Osteo Arthritis in my knees and hips ..that the Dr’s were going to string me out on Methadone for long term pain management………..
    - D. B.
  • I just wanted to say Thank You, for all that you’ve done to help me now, and in the future. You Guys have been Great! Thank You,
    - C. O.
  • I was at the end of my last thread when I was approved for MMJ and decided to try MedJoint. I was given some free samples and have never gone anywhere else for my MMJ now. I was on about 12 different meds, and had been hooked on pain narcotics for 15 years. I was in a sad state and would not have been around much longer. I went off a high dose of narcotics cold-turkey and the MMJ really helped me make it through that, and I would rather never take another pain pill again!
    - K. G.
  • Thank you Med Joint Staff for your help. My first tincture is final completely finished and it is amazing. I put it into my Diet Mountain Dew….. And call it … Diet Cannabis Dew !!! ….. It’s fantastic tasting and good for me at the same time. Thank you all so very, very much. I am feeling better every day and it is all because of your work and your people and your medicine. Thank you so much !!!!!!!!!!!
    - M. T.
  • Thanks for the information and help today. very nice to talk with yall.
    hope i didn’t talk your ear off. one of the problems of living alone. needed communion with likeminded individuals.
    God bless us all.
    thanks again for all the food yall help out with in the area to the needy. I think God smiles when humans have compassion for others. it also shows in our blessings.
    - T. C.
  • I found a few of those links to the fibromyalgia sites they are as follows. www.patientslikeme.com www.fibrocenter.com www.qualityhealth.com www.fmnetnews.com www.familydoctor.org also there is a couple Facebook links fibro360community/fibroandfatiguecenters fibromyalgia,andchronisfatiguesuffersonly I really hope this helps a lot of your patients, the information has been invaluable to me. thanks for all you do.
    - S. B.
  • Is marijuana giving you a better quality of life?…… Yes; It has given me an opportunity to do normal everyday activities and chores that where virtually impossible for me to do for the past 20 years. The chronic pain, from the Degenerative Disc Disease in my lower back, has been almost non-existent since I started the Michigan Medical Marijuana Program January 23 2012. Which is a chronic pain that I have had every hour of every day since 1983. My back feels like it did before I broke it in 1983…… How are you administering your medicine and why does it work best for you?….I medicate several different ways. I use the Topical Oil to get rid of my Skin Cancer spots that I have and on my hernia, to heal the tear in the abdomen. I do the edibles also, like the candy from the MedJoint, and I am cooking with cannabutter that I made from the medical marijuana that I get from the MedJoint and cook it in my baked goods. I use the Vitality Supplement tablets to overcome some of life’s extreme difficult times, when needed; they are amazing. I use the medication that comes in the eye dropper at the MedJoint. One drop under my tongue gets the medicine in my body even better than when I vaporize the marijuana and inhale it. And it tastes so good also. The different tested strains at the MedJoint help me to pinpoint what I need to vaporize, and when to do so. If I need something for pain; I use a strain for the best pain relief. If I am depressed, then I use a strain that is good to combat depression. If I need to be awake and aware, I use a strain to do so. If I want some good sleep; then I can vaporize a marijuana strain that has a fingerprint designed to help me sleep. At The MedJoint; there is a marijuana strain for whatever ails my body; so I can vaporize my medical marijuana as I need to do so to help my body overcome its problems.
    - M.T.
  • I'm still just blown away. I had one last year that was the size of a dollar bill & it was third degree & it took four months for it to scab over & another five months to heal completely & the scar is bad!!! Oh by the way that was with help from the local burn unit that my aunt ran!!!
  • I used the oil on a burn once. It healed very fast and no scare.
  • I quit taking the norcos prescribed for me after my shoulder surgery and used this and it helped me out a lot more with no side affects of being "high"

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When I took Lortab and Valium as prescribed by my physician I was higher than a kite in a tornado.

The "high" from cannabis should be treated exactly the same as any medicine. Use with caution until you see how the drug effects you.

For my PTSD and extreme depression, the high from cannabis is a very welcome bonus.

You guys at The Med Joint are awesome! I wish you had a place closer to Berrien County.

Keep up the great work!!

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And STILL the government ignores cannabis!!! Shame on all you politicians!!


If you won't legalize this stuff, then please tell us why!! Every argument put forth to date to justify prohibition has been proven to be a LIE or falsified statistics. How much longer can you keep up the curtain that you have thrown in front of cannabis truth??

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Testimonials Of People Using Marijuana As Medicine



this should be all that is said forget the High word,,, it only gives the anti ammo


That word is in the very front in the anti folks.


It is a popular view, among the anti folks, that mmj is only about hippies wanting to get stoned.


Remove the high and it shatters their basis for fighting against us. At that point they have to work out why someone would want it if they were not getting high.

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