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I thought i would come and say hi to all. I am a new cardholder, i share this account with my husband and the information learned here is priceless. I have MS early stages, i get snowy vision, twitches, and worst of all severe fatigue. Meds arent gonna help me during the day as i am on adderall to deal with the fatigue, the night time is when i am looking for relief. To sleep through the night would be grand! This is all new to us and we are learnign as we go.


Are there any specific strains that are made for MS?


Is there anyone here who has MS and can testify to the benefits of taking medical marijuana for it?


Again i (we) appreciate all the help and advice, love it here and look forward to being apert of the community..

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In addition to cannabis I have read that people have had great success controlling MS growing and juicing wheatgrass. Wheatgrass contains many vitamins and minerals that are absent in the american diet as well as being one of the best anti-inflammatories. Combined with the immune and neurological regulation and anti inflammatory effect that cannabis provides this therapy can be miraculous.


The wheatgrass is best grown using azomite as a soil additive to insure all the trace minerals are absorbed into the wheatgrass. Wheatgrass is easy to grow, only needs indirect light, and only takes 8 days to harvest. For MS one should work their way up to 3-4oz of grass juice a day over time as their body adjust to the juice. Start slow with no more than one oz.


Two strains I have heard work well are lemon cake and Free Lenard, but I have no idea how to acquire these strains. I think they are just great indica dominate strains.

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Welcome. Glad to see you are breaking the ice.


My experience with patients is that those strains that work especially well for MS are typically indica dominant. You might try some sort of Kush . I know one patient who really likes NYC Diesel and Moby penis. You likely need relief from muscle pain, neuropathy, and spacticity. The Free Leonard is great. There are many options.

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I have a patient with ms. He found a strain I created called Mutant Lemoncake ( acousin of lemoncake) to be helpful.


When he tried a high CBD (tested) called Jamaican Red. He found that after 20 minutes he no longer felt any pain in his arms.


I do have a super high cbd plant called Cannnationic #4 which supposedly is 14% cbd (which means you do not get stoned). but htat has not been tested.

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