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Where Do I Go To Find Seeds

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will i have any problems with customs or anything when i order from attuide

its possible. I had them confiscated from a dif source over seas...i got a lil blue paper that said they were taken, thankfully not an expensive lesson for me. as far as legal concerns it didn't amount to anything. Im not a laywer, Im not saying the boogey man cant show up at your door, but it was ok for me. Use a safe address, whatever you think that means.

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For Canadian breeders..............hempdepot.ca is good

I concur with this.  Also he does have some of TGA gear still  at 75.00.  However he claims that Subcool had to raise his prices due to roayalites that had to be paid onthe Hells Angel OG and the Jack Skellington breeders.  I say BS....SubCool or the the depot just want to make more per pack.  Gotta Love Capitalism..!! LOL...the money rules.  ha

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