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Happy Memorial Day


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Happy b.d sol!


Id like to thank all of the vets out their for putting their life on the line for us!  Please no one treat a vet bad, help a vet when ever you can!


I was just a youngster when the vets came home from vietnam! but I remember it clearly and my family and I were all for the vets, my sister had a bracelet of an mia vet, you were not supposed to take them off till they came home, she got lucky and got to take hers off, but she had to wear hers a lil longer than her friends did!


Our vets need to be taken care of! who better to take care of than the people that done what the president made them do, and what they volunteered to do!  some realy did volunteer for that police action :judge: Im actualy for every one in that time frame whether you served or ran becuase you didnt believe in it, I feel it should always be a persons choice if they want to be in the armed services, and that is the way it has been since that war, when i turned 18 we had to just register again, but the draft was done!


Peace to all vets of all wars!



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i had 3 uncles I never knew die in WWII, one a sniper whom James Roosevelt was covering on the ground when a howitzer shell hit the tree my uncle was assigned to snipe from, and in Vnam my best friend from HS died, so hats off to the vets who gave all, it's up to us to carry hte flag of freedom they died for.  Hip hip hooray!

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