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The Truth About Hb 4271

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Introduction to Michigan Medical Marijuana:

Michigan is a trend setting state filled with compassionate people who care about the pain and suffering of sick people. History will also prove that in “1979 Michigan joined 14 other states when a medical marijuana bill was passed allowing glaucoma, and cancer patients with prescriptions from specifically licensed physicians to receive marijuana for their condition” Marijuana Politics

Fast forward to 2008 the people voted with a sure and clear voice 63.7% of the voting population voted in support of Michigan medical marijuana. This was an undeniable statement with an incredible mandate. Yet years after its passage this people’s initiative has yet to be implemented into law. Even the right to assert the defense provided for in the Act is denied in many parts of the state despite Supreme Court Rulings. The simple fact is that innocent people are made to fear the government. Our civil rights are ripped from us and stomped on by the feet of our oppressors, or so it may seem. The people of the State of Michigan are crying foul and we have proof of civil rights violations.

The reasons are obvious upon examination of the data. We have quantified the breaches that have occurred constitutionally and directly to the public. The government should always act upon absolute knowledge when it circumvents the will of the people. That has not happened in this case.

What we are witnessing in the State of Michigan is a lynching of a whole segment of society and the denial of rights for the rest. When a privileged person of great power by the name of Attorney General Bill Schuette can lead the mob of corporate collaborators to harm the sick something has got to give.

Even sick people deserve due process. Just a fair hearing of the facts, yet Oakland County has prosecuted many innocent people despite the law. This abuse of the people continues because it is allowed to continue. The government goes to great lengths to slander, lie and serve up a steaming dish of libel twisted up with a backhand in justice. A law barred from the courtroom is not implemented. Failure to allow the defense in the courtroom is not the full extent. These violations are continued to be served up in court rooms across the State of Michigan. This proving violations of the oath of office and not faithfully discharging the duties of the office Attorney General Schuette has sworn to protect. Faithfully discharging is not a creative term but implies allegiance to the people.


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