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Caregiver Help!


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I'm hearing there is a need for caregivers in the thumb area.  I am a 45 year old married woman, going to college and have the time, space to do this.  I admit, I am inexperienced at any of this, but a fast learner and it seems like you have to have a patient apply for you to become a caregiver, so I'm not sure where to start.  Any help, advice, patients that can be thrown my way would be more than helpful.  :thumbsu:

Thank you,


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Are you a qualifying patient?


The best way to approach it if you are, is to retain your plant rights and learn to grow before attempting to take on a patient.  If you do not qualify as a patient yourself, I would suggest finding a family member or friend that does qualify, to name you as caregiver. 


 A patient that is ready to sign a caregiver wants to be able to medicate once they are legal.  Patients want to be able to see what a grower can produce before signing them.  It takes time to learn to grow and produce quality medicine and people do not want to wait 6+ months while someone learns to grow. 


If you locate a patient, there are many here willing to help/point you in the right direction to assist in your learning!


Good luck and welcome!!

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Is there a list of things I need to know such as usable or not usable, i once heard that the caregiver labeled his jars but can't remember how please help! thank you patty 



You are asking more than can be answered in one thread or post.  Read the law and administrtive rules and the LARA FAQ several times.  Even that is only a start.

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