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Best Medical Strains

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Rate the strains that you think are best for medical, or know are best from experience.


I'm giving a special mention to God Bud and Dylon.


   God Bud, or at least the bud we had from Shake and Bake was a good knock-down smoke.  It will put you to sleep, and doesn't have an intense high, it's more of a body stone effect, that puts a person to sleep with half a joint for the dedicated medical toker, or a couple of bowls or less for the casual smoker.  This is ambien in bush form.   Amazing.


   Dylon, a Bubba Kush hybrid from Hardcore Harvest South was also good medical for pain and tension relief.  Weightless, would be a good description for Dylon.  Seperating the mind from the body was possible with Dylon.  You can feel your muscles relaxing.  This is definitely a muscle relaxer and sleep aid, if not a sleep inducer.  It feels like floating in a pool of water, if not outer-space.  Calm.  Peaceful.


I'd like to run - God Bud, Herijuana, The Blacks, Harlequin and Chemo, as they feel like a standard lineup in narcotic-like pain management, in an attempt to find keepers and to discover narcotic-like buds and sleep inducers for those with immense pain.  Harlequin or a Gage Green knock-off hybrid is another interest, so that I can learn more about growing for CBD production, and experience the effect of the herb. 


I don't feel these marijuana varieties are recreational in any way, and are bred & grown moreso for the person dealing with intense pain issues.  Sometimes they lack in flavor & fun components, and dial in on pain relief and sleep induction.  Beyond being stoned or high.  Definitely not a party drug or even a casual relaxant, a serious medicine.


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So God Bud is ambien?  Very good to know since I have 2 flowering in 20 gals.


I see you mention 'The Blacks.'  I found Black Ganji to be full of flavor, but cannot locate a cut.  Smoked in a gravity bong it is a peaceful enveloping cloud.

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Theres so many phenos of the God bud one I grew out was a hermie sensitive girl with little to no effect another knocked me out in my computer chair woke up a half hour later real strange hit and miss with that strain via BC Bud.


For a strong medicinal strain that's both flavorful and potent look no farther than TGA Subcools plush berry a couple of my patients swore off of it because it was too strong and both have serious chronic pain .

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I grew some powerful 'God Bud' when It came as an extra when I ordered 10 'Jackfrost' seeds at BC Seed before Marc Emmory was arrested.


When taken to 8 weeks they were heavily ladened with goo.


You really did have to watch your dosing.


At small does God Bud is a very good relaxation medicine.


At larger does it puts me to sleep.

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