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Tourist Begs Not Be Be Jailed Over 'medical Marijuana'


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An American tourist was today fined $3,000 and given a suspended jail sentence for bringing 28 grams of cannabis into Bermuda with a medical marijuana card.

Kemper Hardy of Oakland, California was on the Celebrity Summit in Dockyard yesterday when customs officers smelled cannabis coming from his cabin.

Officers went inside and questioned him and Hardy admitted he had the cannabis and showed the officers where it was.

Hardy was arrested and in a police interview he told officers he had the drugs for personal use for severe lower back pain.

After hearing the evidence and Hardy's personal circumstances,  Senior Magistrate Archibald Warner jailed him for 30 days.

But Hardy begged the Magistrate for a fine and was successful. 

His fine must be paid immediately. 



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professional courtesy? what are you suggesting the judge do?  you think you or anyone else has a RIGHT to expect a court in another country to give you a free ride to break their laws just because you are doing something you can legally do at home?


You are really missing the point I am making.  Guess you expect everyone to come in line with your idea of what is right.

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Ok,  so I read the article and your comment{s}.  Its not worth the time we've wasted here. Think there was any colusion involved Doc?  Anybody'd get on  a Viking boat, headed to Different zones of jurisdiction, in the North Atlantic, welllll.... you'd think  at least he'd have enough sense to not light up in the 200 ft2 of the boat that's in his Name/Person. He could have left his stash locked up/dn in his room and walked around about 12 different decks, with an ocean conveniently located on every side. Hey what can I say hes West Coast.  You indicate in your comments that like Michiganders have trouble anywhere they go. What's up with that ?  whatever, just saying....


What about the "Rules of the Road" vs "Highwayman Rules" We like to treat our traveling Friends and family to a little better hospitality. 


I do like boats though heres a cool deck plan of that Celebrity Slummit,  I'lll take #1136 deck 11, guarantee you I would not have a problem.  

What room was  your man  in ? 


some of its reeal stats - GTS Summit  965' long, 106' wide, cap 2400 passengers _95k tons


hey I had to throw thse in, there stuck in my head. Incredibly, they actually took part of the SS Normandy that sunk in New Jersey Harbor after we stole it from France in WWII. Very briefly known as the  USS Lafayette  (AP-53) wow good wood is 'hard to find' I guess... 

***spec. note: this was one of the most costly recoveries:

 "The ship was stripped of superstructure and righted in 1943 in the world's most expensive salvage operation. One of the largest operations of its kind in history succeeded in righting Lafayette on 7 August 1943. She was reclassified to an aircraft and transport ferry, APV-4, on 15 September 1943 and placed in drydock the following month. Extensive damage to her hull, however, deterioration of her machinery, and the necessity for employing manpower on other more critical war projects prevented resumption of the conversion program, with the cost of restoring her determined to be too great, and her hulk remained in the Navy's custody through the cessation of hostilities with the Axis."


it just keeps going....


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