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Hi i've just got interested in possibly selling and was wondering what my legal boundries are here in Michigan. I need some straight forward help so my questions this...


1. with a medical license is it legal to sell marijuana and if it is what are my legal limitations?


2.  Can you sell to dispensaries?


3. How much money is there to be made if you're being completely legit and legal?

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No such thing as "selling" you provide for a group of up to 5 individuals registered to you via the states medical marijuana registry  they reimburse you for your grow costs currently in Michigan dispenseries are considered illegal so selling to one can land you in jail there is however money to be made if you are skilled enough to grow a good medicine but even then its not very much like Celliach said above about as much as a part time job .

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it is definatly not a get rich quick kinda thing lol,, unless you are going to break the laws, I  at this time would not even consider trying to make a living full time or part time from mm in this state, if you were to follow the law and have any kind of compassion you may break even!


welcome to Michigan!



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