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Fan Leaves Turning Yellow, Is This Normal For Outdoor Grow, Cold Temps?


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harvest is weeks away. 

How many weeks away would you say?

There have been some talks of frost in outlying areas.


Should I pull them before a frost?

The ladies are protected by some good trees and bushes from the wind.


Really bad weather, goes from 90s to 60mph wind to 40 at night.


It's my first time outdoors as well. Kinda nervous. Everything is still white pistils.

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Apparently, cold temps and light frost are not too detrimental to some strains (Indica dominant?), so I would let them go until they look unable to take anymore. Also, new info from GW Pharma Lab study shows that plant potency isn't increased with increased flower time after 7 weeks, so you should be good to go if the plants can make it to mid October.

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I have been giving them bloom fert for about four weeks now, the yellowing started four days after I started the bloom fert. I have put plastic up on the sides because we have had frost. I will take some pic's and post to see what you guys think. I have no clue, never seen a plant in any stage. I have had a couple of  friends look at them and they say they look good, in light of the fact I didn't start them until the second week of July. I have a couple of plants where the leaves are turning purple, supposed to be the same clone, but looking different in color.

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Look at the leaves on the buds to determine the health of the plant at this stage. If the buds look good, don't worry about the larger leaves. I have a plant that yellows and drops all its large leaves 6 to 7 weeks into flower., and then the buds turn purple. This is from an indoor grow so I wouldn't worry about this happening outdoors.

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