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Received Both A New Patient Card And Caregiver Card On The Same Day


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On 10/09/13, to stay a member of my local compassion club, I was asked to become a patient of someone involved at said compassion club. I was told I could keep growing my own, but that would allow me to continue doing business there, due to recent changes in the act. I was also told that, yes, I could still become a caregiver for someone else. A few weeks later, I signed up my first patient.


Yesterday, I received a patient card listing the caregiver and stating I can possess plants. I also received a caregiver card(these were in seperate envelopes) with the name of my patient, with the paperwork(s) dated 4 days apart, with the patient card having the later date.(11/08/13© and 11/12/13(P).


Would anyone understand if I said I was immediately confused? Can anyone tell me if I am legally still a caregiver, seeing as the caregiver card was dated prior to the issueing of the patient card? Is this a concern that I should contact the state about?


I would appreciate any advice on this matter.



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Well, that's where I go when I'm out of my own meds or want to try anything different. Maybe "doing business" was not the right terminology? They are still open and have never had any problems with LEO, so I want to believe it's a legitamate alternative.

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that's what I'm talking about.


you can most likely pretend its legitimate, and you may even have protections offered by the act. But the moment an undercover make a buy, it all goes down, as it always has, from day one of the Act.. No moral judgments from me, but we cant act like this activity supports our voted in Act. It does not.


I cant wait till it does though, I'll be the first one to "do business" there, to help folks just like you obtain awesome unheard of strains.


peace and be safe

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a cg can also be a patient.


what you've described is the so called daisy chain.

tim is a caregiver to you, and you are a caregiver to alan.


you can be a caregiver without being a patient. so cards can have different dates.


so you're good.  i think.


be careful who you transfer meds to. make sure they have a card and state its for their medical use.

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