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Patient Looking For Cg Near Kalamazoo

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I've grown both hydro and soil cannabis. Each had advantages and disadvantages from the gardeners point of view. Would you share your reasons for the hydro preference ? I am so wanting to hear from patients on this one. I love both, growing and using. My hydro in veg towers over my soil in veg and that's a common find for growers, In flower though the rate seems to even out. Both finish in the same time, and both are awesome.


thanks, looking forward to your comments on this.

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gotcha. I'm anal about that stuff (too?)

keep in mind if its in the soil, its in the air, and its in the water too. I changed to soil because I just couldn't ever verify to my satisfaction the ingredients added to grow store fertilizers, and none of their organic solutions proved to be a complete system. Hydro is a "cleaner" medicine production process, with no organic type fertilizers like composted poop around, but it is pure basal salts, albeit 200% dilute in the bottle sometimes. I wonder if GW uses dirt or soil for their commercial medicine production?   hmmmm. I'm guessing so, for a lab approach, and to be able to exactly track whats being fed to the plant, and when, but they might be dirt bags too.  I get  bigger vibrations from my dirt grow, with soaring terpene profiles, comparatively. Grounding my reservoirs didn't afford me the same benefits as grounding my dirt bags, not sure if that's the reason though, maybe part of it? 

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affirmative, similar to a top feed tubing system, except just small wires poked into the soil of each container.

I've got a sand floor under my grow floor so its easy to make a hole under each grow tray, where several plants may be resting in. I keep the bundle in the tray. I'm sure some smarty could come up with a way to use the electrical plugs too, but I aint too smarts with electricity. noticeable positive differences, or else I wouldn't waste my time, I hate nonsense. with earth and electrical fields, seems logical plants too get messages from the earth, so I proved it out for 5 yrs. easy to try a side by side yourself, for a comparison, cheap too, a shiva point.

When you refer to grounding your plants, do you mean electrical grounding?

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