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Uk Leo Find $1 Million Of Marijuana In Nuclear Bunker


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UK Police Find $1 Million of Marijuana in Nuclear Bunker


On Wednesday morning, UK police made a huge raid at a large, well-equipped marijuana growing operation in the Drakelow Tunnels, which were used as a nuclear bunker for government officials in the 1950s in case of a nuclear attack.


The grow was underneath the English town of Kidderminster.


A total of 400 marijuana plans were discovered, estimated to be worth just over $1 million.  The factory had hydroponic equipment, heating, lighting, and ventilation fans.


The operation utilized 30 police officers and K9 units.


Kevin Purcell, Norther Worcestershire Superintendent, explained, “While executing the warrant at Drakelow Tunnels, we discovered a large and sophisticated cannabis growing operation.  


Although the plants will need to be tested, it would appear that the seizure has prevented a large quantity of illegal drugs ending up on the street.”


The raid was part of a new three-year anti-drug strategy being implemented in the UK.  Local police began implementing the plan in September, looking to eliminate large illegal substance distributors.

Cannabis remains the most seized illegal drug in England.


According to Home Office statistics, 12,267 kilograms of marijuana and 507,401 cannabis plants were confiscated by the police and border service last year.




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