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How Close Are The Feds To Making Cannabis Schedule Ii ? Anyone?

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hopefully 0660 doesnt affect patients right now.


feds rescheduling marijuana? unless obama (or eric holder?) does it on his last day in office, i dont see it happening.


try reading and understanding the controlled substances act , section 811

"§ 811. Authority and criteria for classification of substances"



no seriously, try to read it. i thought states could reschedule but i dont see it in there.

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Maybe when we get 25+ MMJ states and a few RMJ states (Colorado, Washington already...then add California, Oregon, Alaska, Hawaii, Maine, maybe Ohio and then Michigan) the feds will open their eyes. 

I agree


Maybe thats why 660 is now a Law the State wants to get  one step ahead of things so that it can't be done here 

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