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State Of The R.e Market For Caregiver Space, Commercial, In

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Detroit.  (overheard)

The last year has seen an increase in numbers of caregivers seeking spaces larger than houses for their grows.  At the upcoming Cannnabis event at the Roostertail in Detroit in March, space is in play by a realty firm.  They don't have many listings, just 2 in fact, since demand is outstripping the supply of small, free-standing buildings whose landlords are wiling to offer them for 'pot'. 

The realtor discussed one, 3000 sq. ft., in north Detroit; and one downtown, which is 3500 sq. ft....what most landlords fear most is not forfeiture but the building being robbed and tenants going bad on the rent and damages.

These two buildings are still available after 6 months because they are not plug and-play, and need money dumped on them.  This is what i overheard from a man on his cell phone  who was also standing in line to rent a booth at the Roostertail show.

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cg income is dependent upon the provisions to five patients only. Many patients are sick, disabled, and on disability with limited income. Just how many ounces per month would a legal caregiver need to transfer in order to pay rent, above grow costs?  I don't get the whole renting a facility thing, until transfers to a dispensary or more than five is allowed.


Even with the made up provision of 2 ounces per month, @ say $250 per ounce, producing  2500$ monthly. I cant see paying rent out of that, and covering the other necessary expenditures, along with the obvious security risks of not being present. I've been to some of these "gro ops" in the past that have massive rooms with massive plants, legality in question, but these places were shilling patients with free product, while off loading bulk somewhere else. Did rent costs suddenly go down? Havent we seen these types of situations frowned on by Detroit police in the past?

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Their were 2 raids this week alone that has not made the news inn the D


cg that may grow as some say above don't care about any Medical Marihuana Law or the disabled Patient i did know of people that grew before 2008 that rented space in the D 

They also lived in it as workers not owners the owners lived in the suburbs 

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