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How Long Should I Keep Meds Before Losing Potentcy

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when properly stored at correct ambient temperature and humidity they can be preserved as well as any fine tobacco..


months -> years...


it's been said that properly stored and cured cannabis "peaks" at 6 months... not sure if i agree or not because mine rarely if ever sticks around long :)

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After about 8-9 months in the jar is begins degrading slightly.

After 1.5 years in the jar it is like lower grade mids.

Had some that was 2 years old, barely had any effect left to it.

Hope that helps.

Starting point was a well grown crop of C99, Super lemon Haze, and a few other varieties.

Lower value meds will follow same curve just have a lower starting point.

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light will quickly degrade cannabis also, and other herbs. I don keep my spices, dried herbs, or cannabis around for more than 6 months, stored properly. Mine are gone within a month or two of harvest normally. When I first started growing it was habit to squirrel away the some of the best of each harvest, the best marijuana I ever had. Soon though I realized that more and more was coming, and it just kept getting better with smarter genetic selections.

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