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Holder: Feds To Let Banks Handle Pot Money

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The Obama administration will soon announce regulations that allow banks to do business with legal marijuana sellers, Attorney General Eric Holder said Thursday.

"You don’t want just huge amounts of cash in these places. They want to be able to use the banking system," Holder said during an appearance at the University of Virginia's Miller Center. "There’s a public safety component to this. Huge amounts of cash—substantial amounts of cash just kind of lying around with no place for it to be appropriately deposited is something that would worry me, just from a law enforcement perspective."



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it'a true, you you're back from denverdam?

the feds are going to resched within--probably by obama executive order--within the year--fed gov cannot long maintain this tension of allowing pot $ in the banking system while the evil substance itself is verboten.

whooda efffin thot the War On Weed would whimper and crawl to its death?

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the atty general would have to grant a license to all producers...


You mean like Prairie Plant Systems and Terra Tech?  One or two licenses shouldn't be a problem.


Then we can have "safe pharmaceutical grade marihuana"!



Close-up of Health Canada cannabis



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no, i meant, even at schedule 2, the producers of schedule 2 drugs must still be licensed.


since we're talking about rescheduling for legal states, a reschedule to 2 wouldnt help the legal state shops do business with banks either. unless each shop was licensed.


so i doubt rescheduling is their plan. or even unscheduling. because two states is an 'experiment' not a rule of law for the whole country.


so, what can atty general do to make banks in those states legally allowed to help? who knows.

all these memos the justice department is sending out... but the laws are the same. you got 3 years to change those laws.

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