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Michigan’S Medical Marijuana Program Has $23,000,000 Surplus


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There should be a parallel process with registration where every application is tracked and it's progress is checked by a separate watchdog entity. I'm sorry LARA, but you have dropped the ball enough times now, for years, that the responsibility for a timely application process has to be checked by someone else because you have shown either a serious incompetence OR a lack of caring to get it done right.

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While $23,000,000 sounds like a lot of money, it represents something like .04% (four-ten-thousandths) of the state's annual expenditures and barely enough to pay for Rick Jones and staff salary, benefits and perks.


Kinda weird actually when you think about it. The Democrat's policies seem determined to create as many customers as possible for the Republican arrest and punishment industry.

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Yea how about they just use the money to .................. Well............. Wait for it....................... Make the FUKKING cardsssssss onnnnnn timeeeeeeeee............


Edited to add that I could think of many other things that they could/should do with this money but start there and when you can do that little task then  you can move up to something else..........

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