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Full Assessment For Succesful Sec 8

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"after having completed a full assessment


the patient's

medical history


current medical condition"


So a Dr must review a patients,  "entire medical history for a successful Section 8 defense"?

Not only for a defense but, to recommend medical marijuana?


How many have actually brought their entire medical history to a certifying Dr, and that Dr actually look through their entire medical history before recommending marijuana to a patient?





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Oooh please. 


An individual cannot be held accountable for a doctor's decisions. A judge or prosecutor is not qualified to make medical decisions for anybody. If you have a qualifying medical condition and a doctor has stated that you may benefit from using medical marijuana, then your part in the medical equation is done.

The prosecutor can question the doctor's qualifications and integrity, but that is something between the prosecutor and the doctor, not the patient.

I would love to see a prosecutor successfully prosecute a patient for a doctor's mistake.

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i bet the PA will file for extension and reschedule next hearing then.

The next step is for the judge to rule whether to allow it, and if so, to schedule it on his docket. The PA can file objections to it before the decision is made.

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