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Cannabis Finds Its Way Into Treatment Of Crohn's Disease


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From Pharmacology 2014;93:1-3.


This is a newly published paper that shows the pharmacological pathways involved in cannabis & IBD.  




In ancient medicine, cannabis has been widely used to cure disturbances and inflammation of the bowel. A recent clinical study now shows that the medicinal plant Cannabis sativahas lived up to expectations and proved to be highly efficient in cases of inflammatory bowel diseases. In a prospective placebo-controlled study, it has been shown what has been largely anticipated from anecdotal reports, i.e. that cannabis produces significant clinical benefits in patients with Crohn's disease. The mechanisms involved are not yet clear but most likely include peripheral actions on cannabinoid receptors 1 and 2, and may also include central actions.


Full text can be found here.

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So the entire rationale for saying smoked marijuana isn't medicine is symptoms of chronic bronchitis? It seems that many pharmaceutical medications have much more severe side-effects, why is this such a big deal?.


Jointedone, your point is well-taken. Every Crohn's patient that I have met smokes or vaporizes, and that is how it works for them.


Restorium, thanks for the video, very detailed explanation from a studied authority on the subject; information that more people should know.

I'm pretty sure they could get antiinflamatory effects from any thca that goes thru in the digestive tract.  It would be more of a daily concentrate, non-dairy capsule rather than a quick relief use.  I use capsules and chocolate for IBS maintanence.  It keeps me more "regular" and regular schedule for eating if I'm stressed and also relieves the stress.  Not sure what carries over to IBD in symptoms(stress, apatite, lactose and other milk components, etc.).

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